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 Do it.

Enough with self preservation, with conserving and protecting playing to not lose.

You might as well die. Or be willing to die. Going for what you want. Just give up hope, and realize that there really isnt anything in life that will make you happy. Just give up hope that Life can make you happy. Its all just bland and absurd. 

Life cant give you anything, so there is nothing to protect. You've really got nothing to lose now if life has nothing in store for you. 

If you've got nothing to lose, and you have nothing to live for then just live for yourself. Thats all you've got.  Might as well do whatever the fuck it is you want to do. What the fuck else would you do?? Theres nothing else worth living.

Once you cleave off all hope of life GIVING you  ANY fulfillment and enjoyment, then you realize you have nothing to lose,  and that whatever you want to do, and what you dream of, you might as well go for and be willing to die for, or at least throw yourself into the maw for. Why the fuck not? What else are you going to do? Life is absurd, and has no linear path. You might as well throw yourself head first into whatever is out there and get what you want. Because you can either die the metaphorical death of walking the path, where you finally let go of "who you are," and become something greater, or you can die, in a stale pond, never really feeling anything becoming more and more numb as the years go by. The catterpillar is ready to die to become what it needs to become, whatever that may be. Maybe he is even LOOKING to die. 

Im ready to die. Let whatever needs to happen happen, Its all good. The only fulfillment I'll get is from my own creations and dreams. So whatever. I'll just go out to create my dreams, I am prepared to die along the way, and whatever needs to happen, let it happen.  I've got nothing to lose.
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 Basically, You realize that nothing in your life is delivering what you expected or wanted as a child. The disillusionment of adulthood perhaps. Own it. All the traditional paths that you were promised would make you hapy, didnt deliver. So what now? You've got nothing to lose, nothing to hold back for. Theres nothing here for you.  Just go do what you want. Live for your own initiative, and the adventure that brings. Because the adventure wont come to you. The glory wont come to you. What else are you gonna do? Work a nine to five job? Settle down and earn enough to make a living? Just get by? Basically waiting until you die....fuck that. IF im going to die at the end of it all, I might as well do some crazy shit.
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