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Masculine polarity is a really deep concept, so I'll break it down as thoroughly as i can.

Women can draw their emotions off the environment and feel good. But for a man, drawing his emotions off feminine energy is unsustainable, and he will always feel unfulfilled and empty when going that route.

As a man, the only thing that's going to bring you fulfillment is your own initiative.

It's called being on your path. You need to become your own sole source of validation, and find joy in taking action. In life, that means finding your purpose and living by your values on a daily basis. When it comes to pimpin, it means having a criteria for success completely independent of the girl's responses.

Anytime you're reaching for an outcome, you are out of sync with your power as a man. You are drawing your emotions off the environment, instead of finding fulfillment in your own actions.

Go for what you want, but let go of the outcome. Find joy in the fact that you're acting on your intent.

From a practical standpoint, when you're in a nightclub, build momentum off your intent. Disregard the outcome, and enjoy the process of simply socializing and meeting new people. As you continue approaching off the intent to socialize, your emotions will elevate, not from reactions, but from your initiative. That's how you draw state from within, and implement masculine polarity into your game.  Trent3Reznor
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 Make Yourself Strong. Do it relentlessly. Thats the focus. To make yourself strong. Makeyourself more connected to life more adapted, more at home, by adopting views of connectedness, positivity, doing what inspires you, be inspired, learn to enjoy other people, build friendships. Anythig that brings you closer to appreciation of life, and other people and feeling genuine warmth for life and other people everyday youre alive is getting further along the path. Trying to buikd yourself up and be more pimp and more pimp and more ability and be impressive makes yo very alone, insecure, cold, and weird. So fuck being cool. Be warm, and fun. Genuinely. Its easy to get caught up in being cool especially if you go to the club a lot. haha . Its really convincing too that thats what gets you girls and gets you friends because youre high status. But that shit doesnt work in real life. You make no connections being a "pimp" all the time. 

Dont get caught up in it.

Know its bullshit when girls front that. 

Refuse to play into it because you know thats just not the proper way to live your life.

And be warm, friendly, open, and genuinely appreciate the person youre talking to.
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 Game is your ability to connect and be social and to relate to other human beings.  It is your ability to unappologetically be your best self and share it with others. It is your ability to unearth and communicate and share the best, most dynamic exciting, fun, lighthearted, open, relaxed, carefree, part of yourself to the world and to yourself, AND invite others to do the same.  Inspirational results not manipulation results. So "game" isnt actually being able to GET good reactons, but to communicate the best in ourselves, the joy in ourselves and invite others to do the same. With good "game" you are making the world a better place. Your social self is an altruistic thing.
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 [=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]Reason I don't say natural game is because there is NO GAME, its all about just expressing how you enjoy being in a shameless and unapologetic manner. The INTENTION is that your simply being the way your being because you enjoy being that way when it comes to socializing. Most people "be" a certain way because there trying to GET WOMEN which means your still "gaming". There is no game...[/][=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif] all that matters is that I continue to live an amazing life that I've created and it just so happens that I CONSISTENTLY fool around and hookup with women who come close to my ideal type.[/]
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Then between 2005 and 2007 I spent a lot of time focusing less on “pickup techniques” and more on becoming CENTERED as a man—and how to attract women without having to use a lot of gimmicks or techniques (this was huge change in paradigm for me).
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when youre not at the status level you want you look to other people of higher status and think that if you had what they had it would make you happy, or whole.
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 [=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]The idea is you are in the wrong scale. You have to say fuck the socially conditioned value scale. And play by the scale of what makes a “real man”. A man that has integrity and knows his self worth. SO THAT WHEN YOU STEP TO THAT GIRL YOU DON’T GET SCARED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PLAYING BY HER SOCIAL CONDITIONED VALUE SYSTEM. BUT YOUR OWN INTERNAL VALUE SYSTEM. [/][=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]-Mr. Mtl Madison[/][=rgb(46, 139, 87)]
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 [=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]The lazy mindset is a BETA male mindset that is the PURESET example of NOT THINKING FOR YOURSELF, and hoping helplessly that something happens.

The opposite of ‘not thinking for yourself’ is ACTIVE THOUGHT, BEING DECISIVE ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE SETTING OUT TO DO.

A very valuable lesson is ‘you are perfect’. Everything that you’re setting out to do is the best decision you can make at the time, so act on your decision decisively and unapologetically.
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 [=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]In my experience, cultivating a work ethic is a similar feeling to when you lift weights. As you gradually get bigger and stronger, you look at the majority of people who are frail and weak and you think, “Damn it would SUCK to be in that position…To have that lack of personal control over your own physical safety and health and mobility…”[/]
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[=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', sans-serif]Similarly, when you have a well-developed work ethic and you look at people who get all cranky and flustered when they have to put in a few hours, you think “Damn the lack of control would suck…So many possibilities in the world and this person will never achieve them, because they think the path is to do the least amount possible for the most possible gain. They don’t realize that a work ethic needs to be cultivated over time, and that if you don’t have it you’ll rarely achieve anything worthwhile.”[/]
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