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You can tell yourself you don't care what people think, but does your mind accept this? Do the following exercises and I guarantee that things will change for the better.

- Laugh at yourself. your image.
Ex: Say to someone "I look like a monkey on crack today."
Do not give a shit what the other person thinks and laugh with him/her.

- Tell a true embarrassing story to someone.
Ex: "I was cooking something the other day and I was almost finished when the pan fell ALL over the floor, I slipped and fell RIGHT into it."
Again, don't give a shit. If the person brings up the story again, don't give a shit.

- Do something stupid in a very crowded place.
Don't give a shit, don't react, and don't do it for the attention.

- Do ugly gestures. Talk in a weird way.

- Wear the ugliest clothes you have and be social and smile all day like nothing has changed.

Mind you, these exercises are only temporary but they will give you great and fast results. Also, if someone is really an ass and is laughing at you to bring you down, take it is an opportunity to improve yourself with boundaries. Good luck.

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yeah that works, for me I am just constantly looking around me finding fun things to do. If they happen to be 'embaressing' then I make it a point to do them anyway.

The key to this whole I don't give a shit about anyone's opinion thingie is indeed not just thinkin'(/'believing') it but actually acting upon it as well. No action means shit.
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Yeah, that exactly it. Thanks for the input.
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