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About a year ago, even before I found out that the PUA community existed, I fell in love with a girl and I just could not stop thinking about her. As things always end up in these cases, I blew it. I shrug it off and told myself there are more girls out there. This was a good way of thinking, but I decided to change lots of things in my life; I consciously became a better person but only as way to get a girlfriend. After a couple of months I had become more confident, social and girls were attracted to me like never before. The attention was great, but what I found out was that I wasn’t happy. Why was I changing my personality only as a means to attract women? I asked myself this question many times and finally decided to screw it. I was becoming a social robot.

Back to square one without this perverted shell, I started changing things in my life but for me and me alone. It was a lot harder since the only goal was to be a better person and accepting yourself the way you are almost always passes as a good argument. Motivation was essential and discipline was required but I finally accomplished something great and real. Now I am pretty much back where I was but the huge step back was totally worth it. This is real self-esteem and quality change.

A couple of months ago I found out about PUA then RSD and I just finished watching Foundations. My confidence related to women and my interactions has improved but only because Foundations is a product to change your way of thinking about women, that is the difference.

To talk about an even bigger program, I started listening to the first hours of the Blueprint and it is an INCREDIBLE product, but IMHO this is a social personal growth product and it would be so much better if the dating part would be replaced with general social actualization. Spin it how you want, the Blueprint changes your way of thinking and ultimately your personality. But with what goal hidden behind your head? To be better with women. This is the founding goal of all those changes. I will be studying the Blueprint but in my mind this is way more than a product to be better with women; this is a personal growth program and I will be changing to simply be a better person.

Anyway, if you are studying Foundations, The Flawless Natural, etc. that is great; these products are solely about women. If you are reading books like “The Power of Now” by Tolle, “Mastery” by Leonard and watching “The Blueprint” (which like I said deserves to be considered as material for general personal and social progress instead as a seduction product) only as more serious resources to be better with women, then you should consider adjusting your flawed way of thinking because you are changing for the wrong reasons.

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Anyway, it basically comes down to this:

I am internally motivated, not externally motivated.
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