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Imagine this. You're a long haired vixen in a tight dress getting down with your girlies on a Friday night - your shrill laughter and furious hip movements are like a siren call to all the hot blooded males in the vicinity. You could be a drill sergeant summoning all their attention at once...

Here it comes...the fingers prickling the back of your shoulder blades...the inaudible stuttering as you begin to look in horror at whatever nightmare is becoming a reality behind you. You take one look at it, the creature shifts its eye contact to the floor then gropes you like a blind man walking through an alleyway.

It's time to run.

Want to avoid cringe inducing situations like this? Then learn pickup. Plain and simple.

Tyler once said, "want to know the creepiest thing aside knowing pickup? Well, it's NOT knowing about pickup!"

And that's true. I'm sure we've all been in situations in which we're 'lovesick' over a girl in class, a colleague or a girl-friend who just seems...unobtainable. When we're around them we either put on front by using whatever cheesy Hollywood macho lines we've heard, or sink our heads deep inside the turtle shell.

I say no more!

Rise like a phoenix from the ashes and reclaim your manhood.

Where to start though?

Well, let's learn the basics...

1) Tonality - you want to speak to her as if she's on the other side of the room. Don't strain your voice; speak from your gut/diaphragm and pay no attention to how everyone else is reacting to your loud mouthed antics.
2) Eye contact - stare her down like a piece of meat. She's your prey tonight, and she wants to see how unflinching your gaze really is.
3) Approach full frontal - march through the friends if you have to, just don't linger around their circle like driftwood.
4) Talk about your day, talk about your hobbies, talk about you - it's important to game yourself BEFORE you game the girl. Start loving yourself, no matter how mundane your subject matters are.
5) Lead - become the authority in her life, tell her "let's check out the bar...let's go outside for a smoke...let's go over there where we can hear each other", get into the habit of this.

Want more evidence why game is hella useful?

We're all tired of chodes; what's the alternative to being a champ? Being a chump...
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The video was fucking awesome!
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True very True
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