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What an asshole...
What a jerk...
I can't believe he said that...

I hate him but there's something about him

The first three descriptions of 'dick' behaviour would be said to your face, or relayed to you by her friends. The last description is what she's really thinking.

The Common problems when shedding the 'Nice Guy'?

You believe it's insane to call a girl a "slut/dog/faggot/white trash whore" but i've got anecdotes for you...

After meeting a girl earlier in the day while eating a flapjack, I text her later to cement a day 2 (TEXT ALL YOUR NUMBERS, DON'T WAIT 3 DAYS OR SHE'LL FORGET YOU).

Our text convo is lukewarm until I type "shut up faggot"
She gives me shit, tells me to get lost until I recalibrate (this is hard, but try to do it anyway. Pickup is a laboratory designed for social experimentation, have fun and don't take every girl seriously)

I tell her i'm kidding and immediately ask her to hang out ----> change the subject, don't linger! It shows your insult was incongruent and not just put across in a fun loving playful way.

She asks me "will you call me if i see you"

I type back "yes". She replies "I never knew you had that side to you :p"

Now, don't go out hurling insults at every girl you meet BUT do keep in mind that to spike her emotions aka get her reacting to you, then it's necessary sometimes to do something unpredictable. The girl feels like she's been on an emotional journey with you that she would've only experienced with a boyfriend of 2 years (the highs and lows, the arguments and make ups) but you give it to her in a 30 min text exchange.

Be prepared to do this in person...

When I eventually met up with this girl she was hotter than I remembered (which hardly is the case on day 2's), and could easily intimidate a lesser man with some of the remarks she was making.

In her eyes I was "funny looking/shouldn't be drinking in the street/shouldn't touch her/shouldn't stare at her/shouldn't be singing because i'm really just insecure/I'm inappropriate and she's not listening to me anyway".

She's a right? Time to pack up and find a new girl with no drama.

Hell no!!! She's doing what a lot of hot girls do. Giving shit tests and acting dick-ish to see how well you handle it. It's just like what i did by calling her a - it's all flirting. NOTHING SERIOUS.

After nodding and agreeing with a lot of her rude statements, i knew this was on.

Get in the cinema, begin groping her with no objection (weird huh?) and start making out. I didn't bang because I didn't escalate enough, but that's an issue for a whole other article.

Keep the pimp hand strong RSD :)
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pimp article
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Love this!

One question:
"After nodding and agreeing with a lot of her rude statements, i knew this was on."
Can you give dialogue examples of your replies? I'm the kinda guy who needs to hear an example of a conversation to fully get how shit works.
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sorry i'm replying so late man, it's been a while since that date but i'll try remember

i would tell her a bullshit story about charlie chaplin and his upbringing, just because i'm interested in whatever i say and believe it's the bomb. She would respond with a skeptical look, and tell me "i didn't even listen to that", when it's clear she was avidly listening to every single word because it's the energy of the interaction which is paramount to the content.

she told me she felt sorry for me because i asked her out so much, and that's why she finally turned up. I laughed and told her thanks. The point being is that i gave her no power over my emotions - i generally didn't care what she thought, but i did care how she felt. See the difference here? 
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good stuff!
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