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It's a popular belief that when you're interacting with a girl who you think is attractive, the death of that interaction will be when she turns her attention from you and then you can only hear one voice nattering on and on like a broken record. That voice is you.


There's times in which being 'boring' actually works. We've all had moments when we've completely captivated a girl by our theatrics, quickfire witty remarks and we're rolling in the emotional reactions she's giving us. And then it happens. You're 15 minutes of fame are up and she starts looking around for the next shiny object because you're rummaging your brain for jokes or a hackeneyed pickup line you overheard on a youtube clip 5 years ago.

This is called being 'The dancing monkey' or entertainer man. He's only good for so long until he loses his spark and burns out...

When interacting with a girl it can sometimes be to your advantage to slow everything down - almost as if it's the matrix and make her feel like it's just you and her coexisting in that one moment. Ever heard girls object to your advances because "I don't know you well enough/I need time/you never listen!"

Well it can actually make perfect sense at times to listen to her list of complaints. By slowing things down; taking pauses when talking to her and creating tension between you both it'll feel a lot more visceral than if you got out the balloons and started making elephants out of them.

In fact, being boring is sometimes the ideal way to start an interaction with a girl in a low frequency setting: on campus, in the day time, anywhere without obvious distractions which you have to compete against.

So take your time and start viewing the interaction as a relationship - a relationship in which you choose to control the pacing over. There is no need to impress her when you realize you share a relationship. Your emotional bassline is calm and relaxed; you enjoy pauses, and pauses are good because it creates a void which girls will inevitably feel obliged to fill.

^^ One of the most boring characters ever but his presence and stillness is captivating.

Have surity in what you say, think or do and the results will follow.
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very good post, man.
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