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Most guys believe this is the clincher. The be all and end all. The thriller in manila.

But guess what fellas....KISSING AIN'T NOTHING TO A GIRL.

Have you ever been inside the club, on a street or a coffee shop and you see a girl who excites your pecker and the next five minutes you intermittently stare at her daydreaming about making out with her???

Well, take the first steps of being a man and actually talk to this mystery woman; you'll be surprised how soon a makeout can happen. I'll start with some anecdotes:

Train station

I've got a night out planned with the boys, we're going to a clandestine rave and i'm pumped up. I'm already in the headspace of good emotions, alongside the fact that i'm internally validated, and know that 'I am enough'.

I see a petite hottie waiting for the train; what's my first thoughts? To ogle at her...? Fantasize about laying down some game and maybe opening with an indirect situational icebreaker, "hey, do you know how I can get to so-and-so...?"


I say "what's up", I playfully challenge her. I know she'll warm up to me because I'm the most valuable thing in her life right now - her RAS (Recticular Activation System) is locked on me. We get on the tube, and now most guys would want to take the number and skidaddle. Not me, I sit next to her and educate her on my music taste by giving her my headphones. Bring her into your reality.

But how do you know she's comfortable with you? Easy. If she's still around and hasn't bolted then she's intrigued. If she's contributing to the conversation then she's intrigued. Want to know how you can get her more intrigued?

Touch her.

Not molesting, although I wouldn't rule that out if it's consensual, but pet her thighs when talking to her. You know how we get a boner just by getting close to a girl? She gets warmed up when we're talking to her too. Imagine fucking her; get into that headspace, and stay cool. Stay relaxed and move at your own pace.

By the time we got off at the same stop I knew this was done. She had to go meet her friends, and I too. I go in for the kiss - token resistance and she pulls back and giggles; I grab her head and mouthrape her. We'd only been talking for 5-10 minutes.

Some reminders:

1) Get close to her - talk close
2) Touch her - she needs to get used to your presence
3) Make bold moves and don't be afraid to get rejected

This has failed countless times, and worked other times. Just go for it and enjoy yourself! Stay tuned for more examples.
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 haha nice newbie article
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love the story bro and good thing you did is try again, even if she dodges the kiss the first time you display that you are a man who acts through his own intentions which just builds up more attraction. Even if you don't get the make out it's still win-win if you think about it.

Anyway good stuff!
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 lol, nice.. i will try it :D
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nice..must try
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nice share friend
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Love it.
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