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It's been said many times before that the truly rewarding part of game is the moments in which you feel like you've been kicked in the teeth; morale is at an all time low - you can't begin to fathom how to string together a sentence to a girl, let alone a human being, and you just want to go home...

Now, moments like this only become rewarding and soul enriching when you decide to push through such negativity and conitnue your night like a boss. Don't think short term: the single night or approach doesn't matter, it's the fruits of labour which reveal themselves to you in the future which DO matter. Once you've trained yourself to push through bullcrap time and again, your brain will condition itself to the paradigm of a problem solver as opposed to someone who's risk averse.

How do i get better at this you ask?

In most cases it's good to strenghten your ecosystem in general. Start living life on your terms; pushing the pain barrier in every aspect, whether it is your professional life, gym or a hobby you wish to cultivate. When the chips are down, surrender to the moment, don't resist it and moan that you're tired, but dig deep and find peace in your tiredness or frustration. Take a deep breath and give it another shot. Keep going into you feel satisfied with what you've done. Don't go into an endeavour like pickup expecting everything to be 10/10, but accept that most approaches will be a 6/10 at best. That's usually all you need to show a girl how cool you are.

It's also handy to keep good wings around you. They don't need to be macks - but they do need to be inspired, enthusiastic and ready to solve problems alongside you. My wing A504 will berate me if I slip into negativity and complain about something really tedious while we're out in the field.

Me: It's cold...She was bitchy...I wanna sleep
A504: Awwww...is little Andre cold, wants to cry and go to bed? How lame...

Immediately i'll shut down these negative thoughts, reframe everything into the positives and acknowledge that i'm working toward my goals by sticking it out.

A good technique Tony Robbins advocates is playing down the seriousness of our problems by using silly voices or expressions. Instead of exclaming how pissed off you are; tell yourself you are tinkled. Instead of calling a girl a for rejecting you - tell yourself you will be patient and wait for her to realize you are the man in your life, that she will test you in order to see how solid you are.

Be the change you want to see in the world! (credit: Ghandi)
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