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...and most importantly, take EXTREME pride in them.

Have you ever reflected on what you value in life? Have you ever wondered what makes you, you? Have you ever sat next to a guy who dons a beaming smile regaling the whole room with story after story pertaining to his interesting hobbies and interests, whilst you stew there in all your miserable chodiness?

I have, and i bet you have too.

It's interesting to watch Tyler and Julien's videos and see how these two RSD instructors easily seduce girls on the idea of living out an 'adventure' with them. It's become quite the buzzword around the community, and when used by a n00b it falls flat because the idea of the adventure with a loser does not sound too appealing.

So how do we fix this?

Time to start developing a skillset and some old/new hobbies...

Stop being a dabbler and sign up to some classes; be it dancing lessons, musical instruments, cooking or lion taming.

Just do something OTHER than pickup. This will be the default conversational thread you'll fall back on in an interaction...we all get stuck for words at some point, so essentially it's necessary to express yourself and let the girl experience YOUR world and reality.  I challenge you to reflect on your personal ecosystem and see if you could talk about what you do on a day to day basis with a complete stranger.

Go on. Do it.

Next time you're out, get a girl's attention and ask her how her day went. Then cut her off and tell her in EXTREME detail about your workout regime. Tell her what muscle group you worked on today, tell her how you felt before gym, tell her about the first day you signed up and how intimidated you was, tell her that you think you're ready to be her knight in shining armour some day once you learn how to do a bicep curl correctly. Just have fun with expressing yourself and YOUR interests.

I stopped a girl on the way to a lecture once, took her to the library cafe for a little bonding. I flew straight into detail explaining the relevance of the essays i was handing in that day - i explicitly explained who was Simon Bolivar, what he did, the lasting effects of the colonization of the Americas, etc.

Her brain = fascinated
Her = wet

Be shameless in your expression and take pride in whatever you do. Alexander once said he had a student who only watched TV shows and he pulled a girl into his reality just by cheerfully expressing his delights about a certain TV show. I do the same when talking about Suits or whatever. Lol

Good luck players!
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