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There are a lot of different theories circulating in the community regarding the right way to do daygame. Want to know a secret? There is no right way. Go about it any way you see fit - you can get away with the same amount of craziness you pour into nightgame, the only difference is that the sun's up.

Stopping sets

If you see a girl you like then chase her down. Don't wait around too long and let your anxiety creep in. Take action then and there. However, a caveat would be that you shouldn't grab her in aggressively like you might during the night - have empathy and realize that she is probably not in a social mood. So, here's a few quickfire tips to help you on your way to daygame success:

1) Cool her down - she'll be surprised by your boldness. Ever heard of fight or flight? Girls most likely opt for the latter and make a run for it. Show some empathy and step back once you've approached her.

2) Deep breathing - be at ease with yourself, and she'll catch up to your vibe soon enough. Plus, this makes things very sensual, and girls are always hotter when they're sober and their attention is purely on you.

3) Stop her - dead in her tracks preferably. Get eye contact, stare her down like she's your prey, and find out her situation. Can you accompany her or will it be a number close for a future date?

4) Express yourself - don't be stifled, it's awkward for her. Tell her what's up - lie if you have to, just get your tongue rolling and get used to gaming girls in all types of settings.

5) Get physical - don't be scared to do this, even if strangers will be looking your way. It's just you and the girl, so get a bit physical so she knows you gotta dick, i.e playfully hit her on the arm, hugs, whatever...also go for kiss if you see the window.

There you have it. Now go rule the streets you beast you!
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