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So, this is something a lot of guys talk about and try to implement on their lifes, "stopping the masturbation/porn watching to not fuck up their interactions with woman" . But in the other side you have Tyler, saying, something that me myself agree in a certain way, that masturbation is a healthy habit and its good! BUT, what i think is, a guy who gets laid all the time, has a recent memory of how does a VAGINA tastes and feels like, even if he masturbate a lot, he would not change a pussy, for a porn video, never. But he won t mind of staying sometimes at home doing his thing. In the other hand, there are guys who don t get laid frequently, or never got the experience of a warm and wet pussy, and what do u think masturbation can do in this case?
Imagine that its raining outside, a shitty weather, and you feel aroused, so u wanna get some sexual activity, if u don t remember or know how good it is a woman´s vagina, u probably will feel better at home, watching some porn video and doing your thing. But if you set to yourself that the only way of getting some sexual activity/satisfaction is by meeting woman plus fucking them, your will to do it will BOOST!

So if you keep masturbating, avoiding the social interactions,  embarassing situations , fear exposition and women them self, you will keep killing your will to achieve it. "Oh but medics says that its not healthy stay too much time without ejaculating" well... you have a solution, increase your social and sexual activity by meet woman out there and fucking them. No mindset as "aproaching woman" no, you´re meeting woman to have sex with them, give them affect, pleasure, emotions etc even ur dick is a gift, your dick IS VALUE.

But again, don t lose yourself in the frame i usually fall to, seeing woman just as tools of satisfaction, when meeting them, remember of get stricked by their sweetness and hotness, let her know why u chose her, give her compliments , hug kiss play, appreciate the moment you are sharing with her!
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i have been experimenting with this masturbation technique recently. im only doing it once a week. which for me who used to do it daily for months and years is pretty difficult. ive noticed that it takes will power but the effects have been encouraging. im more persistent in my sets. i have a sense of urgency now im not really content to bail out of an interaction too early. i know that the girls are way more fun than the porn videos. so while masturbating is fun and gives a release i find limiting it to a few times a month is what im striving for. its like a cheat meal on a diet. it feels better when you have taken a whole week away from it and you can sit down and actually be present to the activity instead of just slipping into unconsciousness for the 7th day in a row. this is my second week of trying this and actually my orgasms have been really intense and left me feeling refreshed and not so drained and looking forward to the next day where i will meet new women.
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