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Ok so after a night solo yesterday, i could remember of some particular aspects that are so damn key picking up chicks. I got myself in a "hate" for woman where the only love i would have was for their external beauty. A woman´s body as a satisfaction TOOL. Nowadays I see woman as numbers, quantity with quality (Something that gotta change soon as possible). And when i go talk to them, and make my moves they can feel what i feel about them, so they get defensive, and most of time nothing hapens, cuz they don trust me. But if i develop a DEEP LOVE FOR WOMAN , as TIM explains, my vibe will be 100 times better, so damn aligned to my purpose, and everything from there will flow naturally and autentic! I gotta see woman as a human, as females, fall in love by them in a healty way ( Spontaneous love stricking ) my face gotta be like "OMGGGG SHE IS SO CUTEEE"

Point number 2 is: 

- Talking? Forget about it. -> DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit, this is something that pisses me off cuz i know i gotta be phisical with the girl, go for hugs, make out, embrace HER! but i start to talk too much, shitty talk, waisting time and killing atraction. shut the fuck up! Just SAY what u are feeling about her while you move forward phisically!

No asking for anything, you do whatever you want, she adapts! wanna kiss? kiss. wanna hug? hug. wanna fuck? fuck.. ( Coming from the love for woman and spontaneous love stricking frame, nothing that u do will look like "raping" or "forcing" no, will look like a man expressing his emotions to a girl )

"Omgggg you´re so cuteee u re making me feel so atracted to you really whats your name? where u from? i ve never seen a girl so beautifull from "place"! makes a long time since i felt so atracted to some one just by her presence! Come hereee i wanna hug you! letss dance! ur gorgeouss darlinggg  i think i wanna marry you this night!" And while you are expressing this unbelievable atraction, you hug her a lot, you spinn, give kisses on the chick and hands or neck, and go for the make out very NATURALLY (make sure you grab her head to make her feel like she "didn t have an option"!) you and her will be so aroused that nothing will stop both from having a true conection!
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