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Ok, the best way to put this is: Either you believe either you not.
If you have a plan B, forget about it homie, because the existence of a PLAN B can only stand if you dont believe 100% in the PLAN A.

"Oh but... if PLAN A doesn t work you gotta have a PLAN B" FUCK PLAN B, "if PLAN A doesn t work" shouldn t even make part of your thought, but if it hapens, you execute the new PLAN A, but never a plan B. You gotta believe that your first plan to approach and seduce the girl is the only way to do it, and you fucking own it!

If you don t believe in your first weapon , will the girl believe on it? No.

Other think is, don t hide INTENT. IT is your ALLY. Didn t you already tryied to HIDE a BONER when u were dancing with a girl or hugging her in a first contact ? Well, theres nothing to be ashame in having a boner when u touch her etc, this will actually help you, because girls get a lot of VERBAL GAME during their roads, and most of the times, they try to see if u are really attracted to them, by your phisical behaviour, and being HARD, having BONERS take those doubts out. Every thing u say, about how attracted u are feeling by her, will be so fucking congruent, if you ally your dick hard to it.

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