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Ok, so what i have to say at first is: I see most of people, including me letting the transformation and self improvement for the future, looking for the years behind, and getting nothing close to what we imagined it would be. Making plans is good, as long as we get them done. Otherwise we will never move foward. The time we spent to achieve things, is the time we think it takes to achieve it. So if we go out a lot, thinking that only after going out a lot we will get good, thats what gonna hapen, and probably we will not get it handled. I believe any noob can go out Today, and get laid as a champion, do stuff masters do etc, he just gotta believe that he is capable of! Now, why the newbie does not believe that he is capable of? cuz he doesn t have references experience. But i have a secret for you, a secret that was my TURBO when i was a introvertid guy, very shy and with none experience with woman. The secret is: NLP. A simple mind process that can help us and our brain to get reference experiences, by imagining ourselfs doing the things we want repeatly without limits and in TURBO wave! As Tim says, "seeking always for NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL" so, PNL, is a continuely process that we can use to step to the next level all the time. We need to make imaginations with details, hearing what we would hear in the situation, feeling the touch , the smell of her parfum, the taste of her lips, saying exacly what we know we have to say, and what we want to say ! with out feeling unconfortable with it. This will fuel your confidence, you will feel capable and confortable in doing things u didn t before!

GOALS like: "I wanna go out more days a week, and approach more girls" should be transformed in GOALS like: "I wanna Kiss, fuck, touch, hug etc more girls per day" Having THAT DETERMINATION in our MIND! The brain will give us the tools to do it, believing the process, we just gotta make sure what we want, if u wanna go out to talk to girls, thats what u gonna do, cuz u´re telling that to ur brain. But if tell him U WANNA FUCK MORE GIRLS, my friend, be aware of the power ur brain will give to you.

When lost out there, with out intent, or goal, feeling a camera just scanning, ask yourself something TIM use to ask himself: WHAT DO I WANT? suddenly, everything lines up! :) p.s: "Oh..i wanna go homeee" this is not an option.. crying baby!

My Objectives at the present are, pulling girls everywhere i am and fuck them at any time of the day, not only at night, in the venues when we think we are ON. No, i wanna turn myself into a ALWAYS_ON machine. See hot chick? Go straigh talk to her, get an instant date and pull her to HAVE SEX!
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nice post..and i agree about the goals
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