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What? Do you really believe all that shit i wrote on topic? Sorry if i lied to you, but i m not depressed, not a virgin, i love women and have no fear to talk to them. One thing we all like to do, is to find people who have the same problems as we, and create a private group to brag and complain about those problems. This my friend, is not getting you laid. RSD give so many information for free, and all i see is people on forums waisting time complaining like they have a genetic problem that does not allow them to have sex. WRONG! 

I used to waiste my time that way, not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have 2 options:
- complain and assume you have problems and this is not for you
- Listen, watch, learn AND APPLY all you can get from here and from your own MISTAKES taking action.

As Tim said once, "The biggest chode can go out today and get laid and have an awesome night"
We all think we need time to learn and apply stuff we learn, but the time is only in our heads. Time become barriers you put on yourself. Soon as you stop complaining and treating yourself as shit, you can have success. 

You can only start to be FIT after you stop eating Mcdonalds everynight. To be wealthy and Fit you need to change food habits. To get laid you need to change Beliefs, attitudes and habits.

Do what works, cut that crap of "Oh but i m just not like those guys... i m not an asshole.. i m a nice guy and i want to try my way, romantic and polite as i am and my mother tought me"  You see, you re waisting your time trying that way, cuz that way is the way we all start trying . The SOCIETY MODEL . Fuck Society .

Live by your own will .
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André Jr.
Ok, the best way to put this is: Either you believe either you not.
If you have a plan B, forget about it homie, because the existence of a PLAN B can only stand if you dont believe 100% in the PLAN A.

"Oh but... if PLAN A doesn t work you gotta have a PLAN B" FUCK PLAN B, "if PLAN A doesn t work" shouldn t even make part of your thought, but if it hapens, you execute the new PLAN A, but never a plan B. You gotta believe that your first plan to approach and seduce the girl is the only way to do it, and you fucking own it!

If you don t believe in your first weapon , will the girl believe on it? No.

Other think is, don t hide INTENT. IT is your ALLY. Didn t you already tryied to HIDE a BONER when u were dancing with a girl or hugging her in a first contact ? Well, theres nothing to be ashame in having a boner when u touch her etc, this will actually help you, because girls get a lot of VERBAL GAME during their roads, and most of the times, they try to see if u are really attracted to them, by your phisical behaviour, and being HARD, having BONERS take those doubts out. Every thing u say, about how attracted u are feeling by her, will be so fucking congruent, if you ally your dick hard to it.

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André Jr.
So, this is something a lot of guys talk about and try to implement on their lifes, "stopping the masturbation/porn watching to not fuck up their interactions with woman" . But in the other side you have Tyler, saying, something that me myself agree in a certain way, that masturbation is a healthy habit and its good! BUT, what i think is, a guy who gets laid all the time, has a recent memory of how does a VAGINA tastes and feels like, even if he masturbate a lot, he would not change a pussy, for a porn video, never. But he won t mind of staying sometimes at home doing his thing. In the other hand, there are guys who don t get laid frequently, or never got the experience of a warm and wet pussy, and what do u think masturbation can do in this case?
Imagine that its raining outside, a shitty weather, and you feel aroused, so u wanna get some sexual activity, if u don t remember or know how good it is a woman´s vagina, u probably will feel better at home, watching some porn video and doing your thing. But if you set to yourself that the only way of getting some sexual activity/satisfaction is by meeting woman plus fucking them, your will to do it will BOOST!

So if you keep masturbating, avoiding the social interactions,  embarassing situations , fear exposition and women them self, you will keep killing your will to achieve it. "Oh but medics says that its not healthy stay too much time without ejaculating" well... you have a solution, increase your social and sexual activity by meet woman out there and fucking them. No mindset as "aproaching woman" no, you´re meeting woman to have sex with them, give them affect, pleasure, emotions etc even ur dick is a gift, your dick IS VALUE.

But again, don t lose yourself in the frame i usually fall to, seeing woman just as tools of satisfaction, when meeting them, remember of get stricked by their sweetness and hotness, let her know why u chose her, give her compliments , hug kiss play, appreciate the moment you are sharing with her!
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André Jr.
Ok so after a night solo yesterday, i could remember of some particular aspects that are so damn key picking up chicks. I got myself in a "hate" for woman where the only love i would have was for their external beauty. A woman´s body as a satisfaction TOOL. Nowadays I see woman as numbers, quantity with quality (Something that gotta change soon as possible). And when i go talk to them, and make my moves they can feel what i feel about them, so they get defensive, and most of time nothing hapens, cuz they don trust me. But if i develop a DEEP LOVE FOR WOMAN , as TIM explains, my vibe will be 100 times better, so damn aligned to my purpose, and everything from there will flow naturally and autentic! I gotta see woman as a human, as females, fall in love by them in a healty way ( Spontaneous love stricking ) my face gotta be like "OMGGGG SHE IS SO CUTEEE"

Point number 2 is: 

- Talking? Forget about it. -> DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit, this is something that pisses me off cuz i know i gotta be phisical with the girl, go for hugs, make out, embrace HER! but i start to talk too much, shitty talk, waisting time and killing atraction. shut the fuck up! Just SAY what u are feeling about her while you move forward phisically!

No asking for anything, you do whatever you want, she adapts! wanna kiss? kiss. wanna hug? hug. wanna fuck? fuck.. ( Coming from the love for woman and spontaneous love stricking frame, nothing that u do will look like "raping" or "forcing" no, will look like a man expressing his emotions to a girl )

"Omgggg you´re so cuteee u re making me feel so atracted to you really whats your name? where u from? i ve never seen a girl so beautifull from "place"! makes a long time since i felt so atracted to some one just by her presence! Come hereee i wanna hug you! letss dance! ur gorgeouss darlinggg  i think i wanna marry you this night!" And while you are expressing this unbelievable atraction, you hug her a lot, you spinn, give kisses on the chick and hands or neck, and go for the make out very NATURALLY (make sure you grab her head to make her feel like she "didn t have an option"!) you and her will be so aroused that nothing will stop both from having a true conection!
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André Jr.
Ok, so what i have to say at first is: I see most of people, including me letting the transformation and self improvement for the future, looking for the years behind, and getting nothing close to what we imagined it would be. Making plans is good, as long as we get them done. Otherwise we will never move foward. The time we spent to achieve things, is the time we think it takes to achieve it. So if we go out a lot, thinking that only after going out a lot we will get good, thats what gonna hapen, and probably we will not get it handled. I believe any noob can go out Today, and get laid as a champion, do stuff masters do etc, he just gotta believe that he is capable of! Now, why the newbie does not believe that he is capable of? cuz he doesn t have references experience. But i have a secret for you, a secret that was my TURBO when i was a introvertid guy, very shy and with none experience with woman. The secret is: NLP. A simple mind process that can help us and our brain to get reference experiences, by imagining ourselfs doing the things we want repeatly without limits and in TURBO wave! As Tim says, "seeking always for NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL" so, PNL, is a continuely process that we can use to step to the next level all the time. We need to make imaginations with details, hearing what we would hear in the situation, feeling the touch , the smell of her parfum, the taste of her lips, saying exacly what we know we have to say, and what we want to say ! with out feeling unconfortable with it. This will fuel your confidence, you will feel capable and confortable in doing things u didn t before!

GOALS like: "I wanna go out more days a week, and approach more girls" should be transformed in GOALS like: "I wanna Kiss, fuck, touch, hug etc more girls per day" Having THAT DETERMINATION in our MIND! The brain will give us the tools to do it, believing the process, we just gotta make sure what we want, if u wanna go out to talk to girls, thats what u gonna do, cuz u´re telling that to ur brain. But if tell him U WANNA FUCK MORE GIRLS, my friend, be aware of the power ur brain will give to you.

When lost out there, with out intent, or goal, feeling a camera just scanning, ask yourself something TIM use to ask himself: WHAT DO I WANT? suddenly, everything lines up! :) p.s: "Oh..i wanna go homeee" this is not an option.. crying baby!

My Objectives at the present are, pulling girls everywhere i am and fuck them at any time of the day, not only at night, in the venues when we think we are ON. No, i wanna turn myself into a ALWAYS_ON machine. See hot chick? Go straigh talk to her, get an instant date and pull her to HAVE SEX!
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