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Today I went to the mall and approached 7 sets using an opinion opener. I know opinion openers suck but it was a drill I created and it didnt matter who it was I asked it is to push myself further since alot of times when I do day game I do not find much people or hot girls and when I see a hot girls I get nervous and do not approach. So I approached dudes and fatties LOL, I left after the seventh set since I was annoyed by all the bunch of gay dudes that were at the mall because Paris Hilton was there promotting a new product.
Things I did right:
- Did not drink (duh day game)
- Good eye contact
- relaxed body language
- good tone of voice
- Good opener I came up with.

Things that were not so good:
- Talked way to fast.
- Wasted time trying to be less nervous.
- Talked way to much.
- I f you do an opinion opener it should last little.
- Didnt talk to the few hot girls that were in there.

Next  Day time Drill:
Do a opinion opener and try to push the interaction for atleast 2 minutes.
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Well this is my second post today LOL, I didnt have anything to do earlier in school so thats why I wrote the first post..........
Well I went to this college for some information about the careers in there, it was about 5pm and there were  not many people in there, the girls I saw were really hot (didnt approach didnt have enough time to relax and I was pissing myself and they were solid 9s, I know I had a bunch of excuses in my head and I should had approached but common guys I am just starting out), this college is for really rich kids so the police guys were watching me since I was not a student and I said I only went for information  so I couldnt stay for long at the university.  So I decided to go to the mall, I chatted 3 girls there, Im kind of proud, 2 of them were semiapproaches (I dont want to get in detail) and the other one was an actuall approach but the girl didn
t spoke spanish so I moved on. I am proud since I am taking action chatted  some girls during the day without having to drink, so yea everything is going pretty fucking well, one step at the time.
Thanks for reading
sincerly Andoni Romano
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Well this is kind of funny since most of the times I go out I get lost in this city (Mexico City) and end up not approaching because of the traffic and trying to find my way back to the place I was going or to  my house.
Mexico city is actually pretty fucking big for those who havent been here, Its kind off like LA except with so many fucking counties joined together to build the city.  Well today I am going to this college (Catholic college girls they are hot, I will post  pictures of this hotties If I get to take some pictures)  to do some day game, I am kind of nervous, not shacking but still, as far as clubs and parties go I am getting the hang of it (when I drink) so Its gonna be a new experience since  it will be on the day and I wont drink.  Well I have decide not to drink eighter when going to clubs, I feel it does help you for a short term succes but I dont think it is really gonna make be as fucking good as I want to be.          
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Well, I have gone out three times to the mall the last 2 weeks and I got to say day game sucks if you are a newbie. I dont want to be a  little but I raerly find girls my own age and most of them are with their mothers, their fathers or their boyfriends  and when you spot a girl you like she has already walked 10 miles away from you, at this point I can approach no problem in the clubs and get a reasonably good reaction but day game sucks. Do you recommend any drills for day game? I guess my goal is to approach direct  during day game Ive done it before, does it take some time to get the hang of it??
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Hello guys I was wondering what do you do after you get the number? I have been getting tons of numbers but they all flake. I was wondering what do you do? Do you text alot, call?
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Whats up forum my name is Andoni Romano I am a little drunk right now but i think it  is better to write now that little time has passed than afer a few days. Well I went to this club close to my house alone since I dont know anyone in this city I am living  in, and I first ordered some drinks talked to some guys to get in a social mood, (Didnt particularly like anyone in special)  and started approaching. I am very happy since alot of the guys I talked to invited me free drinks, and I got some major makeout, Its kind of exciting since it is the first makeut session i have had since I have joined the so called community.  I got rejected a few times but they were mostly good reactions,  I also almost got in a fight because a guy said I was hitting on his girlfriend, but the girll told me that they were only dating and she seammed very interested since she was escalating very much on me. My next objective is to go to a club without drinking, I dont have to approach just have to go to the club and handle the social pressure without drinking. I also noticed that girls are more friendly than guys, and well more interesting maybe since they all wanted me. The makeout I got was from a girl that wasnt hot but who the fuck cares, 3 weeks ago I could Isolate, now i can makeout and her friend also wanted to makeout with me (she was hot) and almost got in a fight which I think it wasnt worth it .
What should I do when guys say that she is her girlfriend but girls denny it and if you keep going you can get in trouble?
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 Last Saturday I went to this gorgeous elegant party, all the hired people were dressed in XVI century customs and there were many gorgeous girls. I didn’t knew anyone in the party since I had being invited by my parents.
At first I was pretty nervous so I went to the bar ordered rum and coke lighted up a cigarette and approached a group of guys, I didn’t like them much, they were football player and although I have nothing against football they were out of state arrogant chodes. Went to other group of guys and chatted for a while, these guys were a lot more chill and stayed for a while, went to the bar for other rum and coke and while I returned with the guys they told me a hot blond was checking me out, so I approached her, funny enough she had boyfriend but kept checking me out all night. At the end of the night I got 6 phone numbers, 3 blow outs and tried to kiss 2 girls but got rejected, although it seemed they liked the kiss attempt, I think I didn’t escalated enough. I like going direct, it is much more liberating, and being honest with whatever I think. When you are honest everything comes out, your personality, cocky funny, dominant frame etc. I actually think this is one of the most important things in the game. I could actually isolate both girls I tried to kiss, a week ago that was problem, this Friday I am going to get some major making out and groping haha, so I can get blue balls and masturbate in the comfort of my house. What makes happy is the fact that you see all this so called cool guys but do not talk to girls they dont know at all  and take themselves to seriously, if there are no guys approaching all women are for me.
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Today I went out at this gorgeous mall in Mexico City, something probably allot of you wouldnt expect of Mexico since the social conditioning it has in american movies. And there were many hot girls but non of my age except 1 or 2, allot of milfs alot of girls in their twenties (I mean like there were 8s and 9s really quality girls, kind of the type of girls you see in New York), but after living the mall after beign there for 5 hours I realized something, if I sarge older girls probably many of them will blow me off but some are about to get married or just want to enjoy beign young and vibrant plus they have their own place so I said to myself, myself probably I can get to fuck more girls than younger girls since they have to ask permission and are not so independent and also I look older and I could lie about my age, what the fuck women do that shit all the time.
Also I realized that my best option is daytime I might aswell not see this whole thing as pickup although in the back of my mind I know it is, but rather as just talking and having a good time and a better vibe like I do in parties because in parties and nightclubs I approach but it is  not so much like set 1,2 or 3 it is more like hey lets talk to them.
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Hello everyone at RSD, Im concerned with one thing, I am 18 but as I go by my day I see some really hot mature women and as in mature I mean (25- 40) , the thing is I dont know if girls this age can actually be interested in me. What do you think about this?
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Hello everybody my name is Andoni Romano, I am 18 years old and I am currently living at Mexico City.
Well this is my first post in this forum and I will try to keep writing in this forum just for the sake of watching my progress in this area of my life. My background, well I am still very young and found out about the community about 1 year ago when I was living in Queretaro, before finding out about the community I didn’t had success with women because of bad habits, stupid rationalizations and I never knew what the fuck the other guys were doing, and I thought something was wrong with me................ SHITTTTTTT. Well after finding this stuff I have learned allot and I am very proud that from the friends I have I am the only who actually has the balls to go out and approach women.
Well now that I live in the biggest city in the world I am going to go out twice a week since I have other stuff to do like practice guitar since I am going to be a musician, and I am fairly young so it might take longer than if you go out 4 times a week, but I have time.
Well hahaha this is my first fucking field report:
Yesterday in my house there was party that my step sister organized (her friends are hottttttttttt) we were 20 people in the whole party and I had never met any of them since I have just moved to Mexico City. First, I just talked to the guys and try a little with the girls, but I didn’t tried hard. They were a little bitchy at first but I said hey I have seen this behavior lots of times and all you have to do is keep plowing, time passed and more friends arrived, two girls sat next to me and told me, we are are going to sit next to you, you seem like you have a cool vibe, I was like Ok. Talked to them for a while and they were pretty cool, I turned out to the bitchy girls and kept talking, they begin to be receptive and I met this girl named Valeria which turned out to be one of the coolest chats I have ever had with a girl, shit she was hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, I felt a little in love after the chat haha I am such a chode, but I am sure there was something, I should had isolated her and made out with her but I choded myself out and asked for her number.
She slept at my house but the next day I knew the vibe had being disrupted because I didn’t make out with her, well what the fuck, next time im going out and I am only going to practice isolation. I also think the next day after the party I had several windows of opportunity since Ive seen sometimes girls just acting stupid and laughing uncontrollably when I am around them, I am not gonna lie but I am really great looking, If you do not like that fact well fuck off HAHAHA just kidding. Also I have had problems with I isolation I have had lots of opportunities closing but I havent closed, well I can betcha ia m going to close the next party I am going to.
Well thanks for reading my first post.
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