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Whatup guys yeasterday I went to this club called Rahaga, I had a great time and learned a few new things.
- I learned that when she is pretending that she is leaving while she is still talking to you, you should take a step back also and continue talking, not chasing after her, what this does is that she will end up chasing you and escalating on you.
- My escalation technic is getting more efective and  a little more agressive, I am starting to grab their hips while talking to them, they do seam to preffer over escalation than lack of escalation hahahah how counterintuitive.
- I learned that it is actually more effective to open the girl hard and after 2 minutes have her introduce you to her friends.
- I am getting even more comfortale with girls which allows me to be even more spontaneous, whitty and funny, and when I go into set I am not as repetitive as I used to be talking about the same thing with every girl doing the same jokes............ boring
- I learned once again how fucking important vocal projection actually is, I opened this absolute hottie and she responded awesome but as I kept talking she was like what? what? what? and she ended up blowing me off.

Things I should do next time:
- Open sets with guys that look like the boyfriend.
- Open the 9s and 10s even if they look like they came with their boyfriend.
- Open the cougars hahahahaha, saw one yeasterday but I was more focused on finding someone my own age.
- Open more sets.
- Use the early parts of the night just to socialize, talk to people  and after 12:00, 12,30 start approaching and building momentum.
- Use any excuse to escalate.
- Use the ear to ear strategy that Brad talks about before going for the kiss.
- Use breaking rapport tone of voice.
I would really appreciate if someone told me how to deal with moving sets. Thankssssss 
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