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Whats up guys last friday had a fucking awesome night althought I didnt makeout with anyone hahaha thats what Im trying to do to makeout with girls consistently and I have been having this problem I escalate hard, they like me and I always try to makeout but they fucking give me the fucking cheek most of the time although they look as if they were in fuckin love with me they keep doing this shit.
Any tips???????????????/
could you tell me what do you do? how did you start from getting the cheek to making out more consistently?
Also want to know what do you guys do when there  are sets of dancing girls I have problems with this kind of sets.
What I learned:
- Be fucking relentless.
- Do not react when they leave, (they sometimes pretend that they leave just to see how you react).
- Do not get mad when a moodie girl come along they sometimes are testing you.
- Do not lean in, I know this one is obvious but I was trying to prove myself that the community guys were wrong and I could lean in as much as I want hahaha wronggggggggggggggggg
- I guess I will try to build more tension next time, (I guess that could be a alternative).
please comment I  need more comments and opinions on my posts, thanks and party on..........
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