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Well tonight I went to this fucking club close to my house, I went there paid a bunch for the parking and arrived to the door,  when I arrived to the door there was a bunch of 5s, 6s and like one 7 there was around a 100 people outside. But then I  talked my self out of the situation, I thought that the cover was pretty expensive for the kind of chicks that were in the club, so I said fuck it I am not paying that kind of money. But now I feel like I havent done my homework, I am going out tomorrow with my cousin to a better club. But I guess that I should lower my fucking standarts If I keep having this princess like standarts I think I wont approach as much as I want to and eventually get the kind of girlfriend I fucking deserve.  Right now I am 18 and probably going to freaking Europe this summer or maybe the whole fucking semester, so I want to have enough game to fuck a few girls and have a girlfriend, since right now I live with my family bringing different chicks will be fucking tough.
I guess I learned that I am a fucking snub when It comes to girls and that I wont be getting laid or get the skills that I want if I am such a fucking snub.
Also the girls of the college that I am going to attend are hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt the worst looking girls are like 8s not kidding, and well I f I go to Italy girls there are even better looking.
Its funny when I see hot girls I cant stop smiling and I get in state I think it is fucking amazing that my mind works that way.
Also I have been reading alot of the posts in the website and I can tell that many guys are pretty good but theres a large population of guys that claim that they re getting laid like gods and that they are in the field but I think many of them are absolutley full of shit. I mean
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