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Today I went to the mall and approached 7 sets using an opinion opener. I know opinion openers suck but it was a drill I created and it didnt matter who it was I asked it is to push myself further since alot of times when I do day game I do not find much people or hot girls and when I see a hot girls I get nervous and do not approach. So I approached dudes and fatties LOL, I left after the seventh set since I was annoyed by all the bunch of gay dudes that were at the mall because Paris Hilton was there promotting a new product.
Things I did right:
- Did not drink (duh day game)
- Good eye contact
- relaxed body language
- good tone of voice
- Good opener I came up with.

Things that were not so good:
- Talked way to fast.
- Wasted time trying to be less nervous.
- Talked way to much.
- I f you do an opinion opener it should last little.
- Didnt talk to the few hot girls that were in there.

Next  Day time Drill:
Do a opinion opener and try to push the interaction for atleast 2 minutes.
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 it's not bad to start with opinion openers. just get out there like you are doing

anyways if the chick your opening doesn't stay for the full two minutes try holding her down. lol just kidding
keep up the good work, chum
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Thanks man I appreciate the comments and ideas for new drills.
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