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Whats up guys this week was amazing since I did one of my first approaches during the day time, I also met  this girl at the gym and she is totally into me, I met another girl at this party isolated her and tried to kiss her but nothing happened and yeasterday was my graduation party which was fucking amazing..........
My graduation party lasted about 12 hours, started approaching until the after party because I thought to myself that if something  was gonna happen between a girl and me it couldnt happen in the first party because the parents and family of the girls were in there and probably the girls would be a little more drunk in the after party and probably it would be easier to get a makeout or something in the after party.
I had all this girls escalating on me and flirting with me, girls a year ago it wouldnt had crossed my mind they could like me.             
Things I  can do better next time:
- I usually push the interaction as far as I can but I feel that I could had pushed a little harder this time.
- There was an interaction with a girl in which she told me lets go and look for my friend and I told her I rather sit down, she was pulling me to go with her but I thought I should lead to where I wanted to go and after her unsucsesfully pulling me she left, I think now that I look back that maybe she was trying to isolate me but she didnt want to look like slut.

Things I did that were fucking awesome:
- Talked very slow and relaxed.
- I talked about different thing in each interaction, it wasnt like I was reapeatting things I had said in other interactions.
- I was a little bit more of an asshole and It seams it worked out just fine.
- I escalated in a more intelligent way.
- I used shapping
- I did alot of pausing when I talked and waited for her to reinitiate the conversation.
- I do not put girls in a pedestal anymore.
- I honestly think I am cooler and higher value than any of the girls I talked yeasterday.

End of the story I was fucking awesome hahaha
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