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Today I went out at this gorgeous mall in Mexico City, something probably allot of you wouldnt expect of Mexico since the social conditioning it has in american movies. And there were many hot girls but non of my age except 1 or 2, allot of milfs alot of girls in their twenties (I mean like there were 8s and 9s really quality girls, kind of the type of girls you see in New York), but after living the mall after beign there for 5 hours I realized something, if I sarge older girls probably many of them will blow me off but some are about to get married or just want to enjoy beign young and vibrant plus they have their own place so I said to myself, myself probably I can get to fuck more girls than younger girls since they have to ask permission and are not so independent and also I look older and I could lie about my age, what the fuck women do that shit all the time.
Also I realized that my best option is daytime I might aswell not see this whole thing as pickup although in the back of my mind I know it is, but rather as just talking and having a good time and a better vibe like I do in parties because in parties and nightclubs I approach but it is  not so much like set 1,2 or 3 it is more like hey lets talk to them.
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 Hey man!

Nice post!  I have to say that I do agree with where you are coming from.  However, I think you have overlooked something; your own judgements 

I thought it would be helpful to let you know that every single approach is unique!  Each with a world of opportunity.  Let's focus on the MILFS for a second.  How many MILFS get approached by younger guys in DAYTIME in the MALL?  I would bet if you did this, It would probably be the first time they have been!  Come on man!  MAN UP!  Do it!  Go to talk to these girls, if you wanna fuck em who cares about them being older!  It is your own generlisatiosn that are stopping you getting what you want here.  They have there own place?  Great, you can take em there and fuck em!  Who gives a shit!!!!!  

Remember to get the one you want, you gotta become good with women in general!  Practise makes perfect!  They don't have to be your age!  If you go through the game like this you are practically preventing yourself from approaching anyone!  So they want to get married?  That could be partly because of their age, there is a pressure on them to get married!!!  But remember... they still love sex as much as we do man!  And you might be the one last fuck they get - the last exciting fuck - before they go and slip that worthless ring on their finger!  

Trust me you will shock yourself! 


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Thanks men for the post, today is friday and I have a cold but fuckit I am going out probably with my cousin.
Yea I got a fucking cold of beign yeasterday at starbucks watching this girls.
My cousin is kind off like a natural, I bet if he read some stuff about pickup he would turn into a full natural but I dont like to talk about this stuff much since people do not really react well plus he has a really fun and cute girlfriend. 
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