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Yesterday I went out and I really felt my game wasnt as good as other times, well I am just a newbie havent gone out that much. But the kind of girls that were in this party were hottttttt, they were mostly french girls (blond pretty girls with big tits).  Well I am not gonna get in detail on what I did on each set but I realized that I was giving my power in some things I did, I realized I should try to be as fun and spontaneous as I can at that particular moment and shouldnt try to tell the same stories and jokes I have told girls previoussly that might have worked,if I keep doing the same shit I will get the same results and it won be as fun as it could be.
The this I did well was that I plowed through, I isolated and I tried to close.
I also realized how important vocal projection actually i, I also learned that I have to escalate faster and more aggresively, I should try to incorporate self amusement , should not drink (its a tough one) , use shaping, cold reads, roll playing, future adventure projection, use more statements and qualify ina more inteligent way.

I also missed some windows of opportunity and well it wasnt such a big disaster I isolated a really hot girl, holding hand as escalated but I know I can do way better.
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