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Hello everybody my name is Andoni Romano, I am 18 years old and I am currently living at Mexico City.
Well this is my first post in this forum and I will try to keep writing in this forum just for the sake of watching my progress in this area of my life. My background, well I am still very young and found out about the community about 1 year ago when I was living in Queretaro, before finding out about the community I didn’t had success with women because of bad habits, stupid rationalizations and I never knew what the fuck the other guys were doing, and I thought something was wrong with me................ SHITTTTTTT. Well after finding this stuff I have learned allot and I am very proud that from the friends I have I am the only who actually has the balls to go out and approach women.
Well now that I live in the biggest city in the world I am going to go out twice a week since I have other stuff to do like practice guitar since I am going to be a musician, and I am fairly young so it might take longer than if you go out 4 times a week, but I have time.
Well hahaha this is my first fucking field report:
Yesterday in my house there was party that my step sister organized (her friends are hottttttttttt) we were 20 people in the whole party and I had never met any of them since I have just moved to Mexico City. First, I just talked to the guys and try a little with the girls, but I didn’t tried hard. They were a little bitchy at first but I said hey I have seen this behavior lots of times and all you have to do is keep plowing, time passed and more friends arrived, two girls sat next to me and told me, we are are going to sit next to you, you seem like you have a cool vibe, I was like Ok. Talked to them for a while and they were pretty cool, I turned out to the bitchy girls and kept talking, they begin to be receptive and I met this girl named Valeria which turned out to be one of the coolest chats I have ever had with a girl, shit she was hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, I felt a little in love after the chat haha I am such a chode, but I am sure there was something, I should had isolated her and made out with her but I choded myself out and asked for her number.
She slept at my house but the next day I knew the vibe had being disrupted because I didn’t make out with her, well what the fuck, next time im going out and I am only going to practice isolation. I also think the next day after the party I had several windows of opportunity since Ive seen sometimes girls just acting stupid and laughing uncontrollably when I am around them, I am not gonna lie but I am really great looking, If you do not like that fact well fuck off HAHAHA just kidding. Also I have had problems with I isolation I have had lots of opportunities closing but I havent closed, well I can betcha ia m going to close the next party I am going to.
Well thanks for reading my first post.
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well, man!
I wish u some balls!!! I am begginer too :D
so make sure you carry your balls the right way ))
u have 2 of the btw :D
take care!
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 Ey man nice post!

Me da mucho gusto que gente de México esté empezando a saber más acerca de la verdadera "seducción" si es que así se le puede llamar, porque como tu a mi RSD me ha dado muchísima información valiosa y vaya que ha cambiado mi vida por completo... Soy de Guadalajara.. cuando quieras venir a divertirte por acá!

Ahora respecto a tu asunto con esa chica, recuerda que para ganar chicas hay que perder chicas, y creo que puedo ver que talvez te acobardaste a la hora de ir por el beso, o llevarla a otro lugar, pero que diablos no importa, la próxima vez que la veas olvida el asunto y sé un poco más directo en cuanto a eso.

Un saludo
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