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Whats up forum my name is Andoni Romano I am a little drunk right now but i think it  is better to write now that little time has passed than afer a few days. Well I went to this club close to my house alone since I dont know anyone in this city I am living  in, and I first ordered some drinks talked to some guys to get in a social mood, (Didnt particularly like anyone in special)  and started approaching. I am very happy since alot of the guys I talked to invited me free drinks, and I got some major makeout, Its kind of exciting since it is the first makeut session i have had since I have joined the so called community.  I got rejected a few times but they were mostly good reactions,  I also almost got in a fight because a guy said I was hitting on his girlfriend, but the girll told me that they were only dating and she seammed very interested since she was escalating very much on me. My next objective is to go to a club without drinking, I dont have to approach just have to go to the club and handle the social pressure without drinking. I also noticed that girls are more friendly than guys, and well more interesting maybe since they all wanted me. The makeout I got was from a girl that wasnt hot but who the fuck cares, 3 weeks ago I could Isolate, now i can makeout and her friend also wanted to makeout with me (she was hot) and almost got in a fight which I think it wasnt worth it .
What should I do when guys say that she is her girlfriend but girls denny it and if you keep going you can get in trouble?
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Rick Strongbow

Rick Strongbow


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 Hey man, I feel ya'.

The guy is a D-bag and we want to get rid of those. Getting rid of them can be hard. The difficulty is getting one on one time with your girl. Try isolating her whyle her boyfriend grabs drinks or whatever. He can't be with her all the time. since I don't encounter that too often I can only guess what a solution might be. I'd usually just find a new target. But maybe tell her that you guys should meet up later on in the same venue. Tell her to leave the D-bag behind.

Anyways, nice post!
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