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 Last Saturday I went to this gorgeous elegant party, all the hired people were dressed in XVI century customs and there were many gorgeous girls. I didn’t knew anyone in the party since I had being invited by my parents.
At first I was pretty nervous so I went to the bar ordered rum and coke lighted up a cigarette and approached a group of guys, I didn’t like them much, they were football player and although I have nothing against football they were out of state arrogant chodes. Went to other group of guys and chatted for a while, these guys were a lot more chill and stayed for a while, went to the bar for other rum and coke and while I returned with the guys they told me a hot blond was checking me out, so I approached her, funny enough she had boyfriend but kept checking me out all night. At the end of the night I got 6 phone numbers, 3 blow outs and tried to kiss 2 girls but got rejected, although it seemed they liked the kiss attempt, I think I didn’t escalated enough. I like going direct, it is much more liberating, and being honest with whatever I think. When you are honest everything comes out, your personality, cocky funny, dominant frame etc. I actually think this is one of the most important things in the game. I could actually isolate both girls I tried to kiss, a week ago that was problem, this Friday I am going to get some major making out and groping haha, so I can get blue balls and masturbate in the comfort of my house. What makes happy is the fact that you see all this so called cool guys but do not talk to girls they dont know at all  and take themselves to seriously, if there are no guys approaching all women are for me.
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