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Well, I have gone out three times to the mall the last 2 weeks and I got to say day game sucks if you are a newbie. I dont want to be a  little but I raerly find girls my own age and most of them are with their mothers, their fathers or their boyfriends  and when you spot a girl you like she has already walked 10 miles away from you, at this point I can approach no problem in the clubs and get a reasonably good reaction but day game sucks. Do you recommend any drills for day game? I guess my goal is to approach direct  during day game Ive done it before, does it take some time to get the hang of it??
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Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

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heres what ive found to be the case

when your at the coffee shop or walking around the mall,your very much in your head and consumed by thought.were as in the club your all high energy and momentum is on your side,but with day game everything is slowed down and you have no momentum whatsoever.

so after 10 minutes of walking around looking for a set and finally finding one,your approach goes poorly beacaues the last 10 mins you were in your head searching for an approachable set.

the key to making your interactions better during the day is to BUILD MOMENTUM.for example when im at the bookstore and havent done any sets,im not quite ready to go up to a girl and tell her shes cute,so instead i grab "My booky wook" by russell brand and ask a girl if she thinks the book is totally inappropriate for me to get my sister.what this does is build momentum by just conversing and after one or 2 of these youll be ready to go direct.also if you like the first girl you open just transitionn topics by making a cold read

"you look european"

"what are you drinking"

"so what are you shopping for today"

just realize that the reason your having trouble is because your stagnating when you need to be building momentum and getting in a social mood,so remember to just get social even if its asking girls for directions to a store and then ejecting.after a few of those youll be in a social mood and actually feel weird if your not in set talking

hope this helps

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To tell you the truth man, you might not be having any problems with your day game at all. As long as you're taking the time to work on it, it's all good.

A lot of times, girls just have a lot of shit going on during the day...especially if they're heading somewhere. Try hitting up sets that are sitting down. reading ur sets a lil more before an interaction would help a lot i think.

If you wanted to go a lil more aggressively though, I'd say just plow through their excuses of not having time and say that you are way more fun than what they're about to go do.

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