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Whatup guys I have just started college and I can only say that I am having a fucking blast, If some of you guys saw the amount and quality of girls that attended my college your jaws would drop in sheere desbilief..............
Well I went yesterday to this house party and tried the command and challenge tonality that Brad talks about  and it works like a charm its fucking amazing how much attraction it creates, I recommed everyone to open hard and with a commanding tonality. I met many hot girls and many were giving me windows of opportunity to go for the kiss, I always try to close but the factor that there wasnt that much people in the house party made me not want to take the risk, now I realize I might had aswell also try to close, or ask better questions to myself as tony robbins says as why can I can go for the kiss at that time of the day and that moment.
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I like. I believe tho that kiss closes in public are not mandatory.
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