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Well this is my second post today LOL, I didnt have anything to do earlier in school so thats why I wrote the first post..........
Well I went to this college for some information about the careers in there, it was about 5pm and there were  not many people in there, the girls I saw were really hot (didnt approach didnt have enough time to relax and I was pissing myself and they were solid 9s, I know I had a bunch of excuses in my head and I should had approached but common guys I am just starting out), this college is for really rich kids so the police guys were watching me since I was not a student and I said I only went for information  so I couldnt stay for long at the university.  So I decided to go to the mall, I chatted 3 girls there, Im kind of proud, 2 of them were semiapproaches (I dont want to get in detail) and the other one was an actuall approach but the girl didn
t spoke spanish so I moved on. I am proud since I am taking action chatted  some girls during the day without having to drink, so yea everything is going pretty fucking well, one step at the time.
Thanks for reading
sincerly Andoni Romano
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