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Yesterday it was my cousins graduation and well It was cool I approached 4 or 5 different groups of girls, had many girls approach me, got a very long makeout session she also grabbed my bare dick hahahah it was cool, didn’t fucked her because I didn’t have a sex location or condoms and she was on her period so o well.
Its funny because at the time I thought she was kind of hot but now that I added her on facebook she doesn’t look hot at all, its funny guys you can’t trust the lights, makeup and a good dress hahahhahahaha.............
What I learned:
- I am to much of a nice guy when I see a boy and a girl together and do not bother to approach.
- I should find the best looking girl in the club and approach her as my first set.
- Find the most difficult looking sets and approach them.
- Also if I can get to makeout with more than 1 girl I should do it.
- If there are girls dancing and I approach I should Isolate immediately.
- I should be fucking relentless (more even)..........
- I love pausing when I talk.
- I should find better ways to escalate sexually.
- Eye contact before approaching makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, although its not necessary it does usually help.
- I found out that escalating (building tension) and then taking a step back like Brad Branson does is fucking awesome......... Its kind of like a cool push pull.........
- I also found out that the line that Brad uses in which he pulls the girls hair and says I would to do this to you but 5 times harder works like a charm (as long as you are already getting sexual)......................
- Also I should always carry condoms to parties now that I am getting opportunities of getting laid..........
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