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Whatup guys yeasterday I went to this club called Rahaga, I had a great time and learned a few new things.
- I learned that when she is pretending that she is leaving while she is still talking to you, you should take a step back also and continue talking, not chasing after her, what this does is that she will end up chasing you and escalating on you.
- My escalation technic is getting more efective and  a little more agressive, I am starting to grab their hips while talking to them, they do seam to preffer over escalation than lack of escalation hahahah how counterintuitive.
- I learned that it is actually more effective to open the girl hard and after 2 minutes have her introduce you to her friends.
- I am getting even more comfortale with girls which allows me to be even more spontaneous, whitty and funny, and when I go into set I am not as repetitive as I used to be talking about the same thing with every girl doing the same jokes............ boring
- I learned once again how fucking important vocal projection actually is, I opened this absolute hottie and she responded awesome but as I kept talking she was like what? what? what? and she ended up blowing me off.

Things I should do next time:
- Open sets with guys that look like the boyfriend.
- Open the 9s and 10s even if they look like they came with their boyfriend.
- Open the cougars hahahahaha, saw one yeasterday but I was more focused on finding someone my own age.
- Open more sets.
- Use the early parts of the night just to socialize, talk to people  and after 12:00, 12,30 start approaching and building momentum.
- Use any excuse to escalate.
- Use the ear to ear strategy that Brad talks about before going for the kiss.
- Use breaking rapport tone of voice.
I would really appreciate if someone told me how to deal with moving sets. Thankssssss 
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Whatup guys I have just started college and I can only say that I am having a fucking blast, If some of you guys saw the amount and quality of girls that attended my college your jaws would drop in sheere desbilief..............
Well I went yesterday to this house party and tried the command and challenge tonality that Brad talks about  and it works like a charm its fucking amazing how much attraction it creates, I recommed everyone to open hard and with a commanding tonality. I met many hot girls and many were giving me windows of opportunity to go for the kiss, I always try to close but the factor that there wasnt that much people in the house party made me not want to take the risk, now I realize I might had aswell also try to close, or ask better questions to myself as tony robbins says as why can I can go for the kiss at that time of the day and that moment.
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Whats up guys, went out yesterday and I am only gonna write a few observations that might help me  for the next time I go out:
- Every time I go out there is always some fucking asshole (Should always avoid getting on a fight).
- When I escalate I should also get my head each time closer to go for the makeout (I wanna get makeouts consistenly)..........
- When I isolate I should have a good place where to isolate.......
- Always look to change the content of what you say in each interaction.....
- Find ways in which I can amuse myself
- Should do the push pull physical thing that Brad Branson does......
- I should lead more.... 
- My tone of voice was different than what it was the last time I went out, like less sexual Id say, I think that having a slightly sexual tone does help...
- I guess I could be more playfull...........

Things I did that were awesome:
- I feel totally comfortable when talking to  girls.
- It is easier to have more creativity and interact better with girls if rather than seeing it as picking up girls just as talking with girls. 
- Some guy was trying to get in my fucking set and pickup the girl I was picking up and  I was able to stop what he was trying to do and move the girls to other place.
- Talked super fucking slow......... 
- As long as you are fucking relaxed you can talk about anything.
- Didnt lean in at all...............
Next nght out mission:
- Do not leave the fuckng set until you have tried to makeout  atleast 5 times.
- Escalate faster...
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Yesterday it was my cousins graduation and well It was cool I approached 4 or 5 different groups of girls, had many girls approach me, got a very long makeout session she also grabbed my bare dick hahahah it was cool, didn’t fucked her because I didn’t have a sex location or condoms and she was on her period so o well.
Its funny because at the time I thought she was kind of hot but now that I added her on facebook she doesn’t look hot at all, its funny guys you can’t trust the lights, makeup and a good dress hahahhahahaha.............
What I learned:
- I am to much of a nice guy when I see a boy and a girl together and do not bother to approach.
- I should find the best looking girl in the club and approach her as my first set.
- Find the most difficult looking sets and approach them.
- Also if I can get to makeout with more than 1 girl I should do it.
- If there are girls dancing and I approach I should Isolate immediately.
- I should be fucking relentless (more even)..........
- I love pausing when I talk.
- I should find better ways to escalate sexually.
- Eye contact before approaching makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, although its not necessary it does usually help.
- I found out that escalating (building tension) and then taking a step back like Brad Branson does is fucking awesome......... Its kind of like a cool push pull.........
- I also found out that the line that Brad uses in which he pulls the girls hair and says I would to do this to you but 5 times harder works like a charm (as long as you are already getting sexual)......................
- Also I should always carry condoms to parties now that I am getting opportunities of getting laid..........
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Whats up guys this week was amazing since I did one of my first approaches during the day time, I also met  this girl at the gym and she is totally into me, I met another girl at this party isolated her and tried to kiss her but nothing happened and yeasterday was my graduation party which was fucking amazing..........
My graduation party lasted about 12 hours, started approaching until the after party because I thought to myself that if something  was gonna happen between a girl and me it couldnt happen in the first party because the parents and family of the girls were in there and probably the girls would be a little more drunk in the after party and probably it would be easier to get a makeout or something in the after party.
I had all this girls escalating on me and flirting with me, girls a year ago it wouldnt had crossed my mind they could like me.             
Things I  can do better next time:
- I usually push the interaction as far as I can but I feel that I could had pushed a little harder this time.
- There was an interaction with a girl in which she told me lets go and look for my friend and I told her I rather sit down, she was pulling me to go with her but I thought I should lead to where I wanted to go and after her unsucsesfully pulling me she left, I think now that I look back that maybe she was trying to isolate me but she didnt want to look like slut.

Things I did that were fucking awesome:
- Talked very slow and relaxed.
- I talked about different thing in each interaction, it wasnt like I was reapeatting things I had said in other interactions.
- I was a little bit more of an asshole and It seams it worked out just fine.
- I escalated in a more intelligent way.
- I used shapping
- I did alot of pausing when I talked and waited for her to reinitiate the conversation.
- I do not put girls in a pedestal anymore.
- I honestly think I am cooler and higher value than any of the girls I talked yeasterday.

End of the story I was fucking awesome hahaha
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Whats up guys last friday had a fucking awesome night althought I didnt makeout with anyone hahaha thats what Im trying to do to makeout with girls consistently and I have been having this problem I escalate hard, they like me and I always try to makeout but they fucking give me the fucking cheek most of the time although they look as if they were in fuckin love with me they keep doing this shit.
Any tips???????????????/
could you tell me what do you do? how did you start from getting the cheek to making out more consistently?
Also want to know what do you guys do when there  are sets of dancing girls I have problems with this kind of sets.
What I learned:
- Be fucking relentless.
- Do not react when they leave, (they sometimes pretend that they leave just to see how you react).
- Do not get mad when a moodie girl come along they sometimes are testing you.
- Do not lean in, I know this one is obvious but I was trying to prove myself that the community guys were wrong and I could lean in as much as I want hahaha wronggggggggggggggggg
- I guess I will try to build more tension next time, (I guess that could be a alternative).
please comment I  need more comments and opinions on my posts, thanks and party on..........
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Hey guys whats up, well as far as what I do mentaly is that I cut any thought that I think it is not helping me in any shape or form and I also assume value do not put resistance on my emotions and what I have begin to notice is that I feel like I am not thinking much anymore, I used to be very analtical guy and always wondered about life, nature, music and stuff (alot of internal dialogue)  used to criticize, judge and care what people think  but now my fcking mind is almost in blank all of the time I mean this is weird, is it good?
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Whats up RSD I was wondering how do you guys work on your verbal game? Last night I went out and  I felt my verbal game was very similar to the previous week I had gone out. I want to improve this part of my game and I do not want to use routines  (they fucking suck) and want to have a  variety on the topics I run through and also be smoother. Also I have noticed that the less you fucking think the better you will probably do so should I try and pick a topic like tyler did on the blueprint (taxes shit) and try to make as interesting as possible.  What do you guys think?
much appreciated
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Yesterday I went out and I really felt my game wasnt as good as other times, well I am just a newbie havent gone out that much. But the kind of girls that were in this party were hottttttt, they were mostly french girls (blond pretty girls with big tits).  Well I am not gonna get in detail on what I did on each set but I realized that I was giving my power in some things I did, I realized I should try to be as fun and spontaneous as I can at that particular moment and shouldnt try to tell the same stories and jokes I have told girls previoussly that might have worked,if I keep doing the same shit I will get the same results and it won be as fun as it could be.
The this I did well was that I plowed through, I isolated and I tried to close.
I also realized how important vocal projection actually i, I also learned that I have to escalate faster and more aggresively, I should try to incorporate self amusement , should not drink (its a tough one) , use shaping, cold reads, roll playing, future adventure projection, use more statements and qualify ina more inteligent way.

I also missed some windows of opportunity and well it wasnt such a big disaster I isolated a really hot girl, holding hand as escalated but I know I can do way better.
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Well tonight I went to this fucking club close to my house, I went there paid a bunch for the parking and arrived to the door,  when I arrived to the door there was a bunch of 5s, 6s and like one 7 there was around a 100 people outside. But then I  talked my self out of the situation, I thought that the cover was pretty expensive for the kind of chicks that were in the club, so I said fuck it I am not paying that kind of money. But now I feel like I havent done my homework, I am going out tomorrow with my cousin to a better club. But I guess that I should lower my fucking standarts If I keep having this princess like standarts I think I wont approach as much as I want to and eventually get the kind of girlfriend I fucking deserve.  Right now I am 18 and probably going to freaking Europe this summer or maybe the whole fucking semester, so I want to have enough game to fuck a few girls and have a girlfriend, since right now I live with my family bringing different chicks will be fucking tough.
I guess I learned that I am a fucking snub when It comes to girls and that I wont be getting laid or get the skills that I want if I am such a fucking snub.
Also the girls of the college that I am going to attend are hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt the worst looking girls are like 8s not kidding, and well I f I go to Italy girls there are even better looking.
Its funny when I see hot girls I cant stop smiling and I get in state I think it is fucking amazing that my mind works that way.
Also I have been reading alot of the posts in the website and I can tell that many guys are pretty good but theres a large population of guys that claim that they re getting laid like gods and that they are in the field but I think many of them are absolutley full of shit. I mean
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