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My 22nd birthday just passed last Tuesday, which at least in theory celebrates my anniversary of having been in this game. I wanted to celebrate and write a huge “Blueprint-like” treatise on what I’ve learned in this ridiculous year, but for now I’m just going to throw some useful outer game to the newbies/intermediates of the RSD/PUA world, because this site is amazing and I’m down with the principles espoused in its teaching for all time, however I think it’s lacking in 1) a dose of real talk 2) PRACTICAL OUTER GAME for the Newbie/Intermediate. I spent a lot of time in the first few months of my PUA journey going through a whole host of inner game “figuring it all out”, and frankly, I didn’t start seeing real real results until I stepped my fundamental outer game up, and specifically the things that I want to talk to you about today. I believe if you, newbie/recovering AFC/chode/intermediate can get a handle on these things, and get the calibration of them up to speed… you will be well on your way to the abundance that me, my crew, and the RSD world has enjoyed in this past year of magic and mayhem. I’ll hold nothing back, and it might come off as intense, but that’s who I am, and I couldn’t care less, I’m enjoying a high level of congruency and success with these sort of things, and nothing would make me happier for every single of you to do the same. Let’s begin… these are things you MUST keep careful watch of throughout the duration of your interaction with an HB, from opening, to sex, to keep the sex going, to cutting it off. In order of importance, least to most:

Tim termed this as “rhythm 10 ‘til 2”, and he is right on the mark. Be VERY aware of the rhythm of A) the evening but mainly B) HER. Calibration teaches this, but it’s something you can begin to hip yourself to now. One of girl’s main turn-off’s, much like their ASD/feeling like a slut, is the feeling “AWKARD”, this is clearly the unnamed cuss word of English, and you must do all in your power to avoid being titled as such, and keep careful watch of the people girls (as well as dudes) call this and how NOT to be that.
Much of this has to do with pacing. Let’s say you see a girl at a bar that you opened last week. It went well, but you faltered and forgot to ask for her number (btw ALWAYS ask for the number. Even if you never call it. It’s good practice, and it will make you ZEN-like in your ability to know WHEN to ask for the number, and it lets her know you like her… same goes for kissing) Anyway, when you see this girl that you opened before, do NOT open her immediately. This is where pacing comes in. You need to promote a little value before opening her again. Talk to your buddies, bonus points if they are girls, in fact it’s better if you can just game up another chick in front of her. Now proceed with caution on that last point… DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make the mistake of over-escalating your pivot or girl you are using to get another directly in FRONT of your target or her friends… I made this error a lot. You will come off like a “manwhore”, which can be a good thing and is the ultimate double-edged sword, but you are probably, as a newbie/intermediate not prepared to wield it.
Wrapping up on this section… just keep a keen eye on rhythm. Know when to re-open, and when not to come off awkward, and when to eject momentarily. I usually just throw a “Don’t leave without saying bye” or “don’t leave without me showing you the door” or some shit to keep her thinking that you’ll talk again, then re-open 10-15 mins. Later. Similarly, be aware of the rhythm of your text messages, phone calls, and escalations, and just hope for the best. Rhythm is important.

Being calibrated in this arena was one of the points that really has stepped my game up, and you as a newbie need to study this quite heavily.
A woman will tell you much of what you need to know simply by her energy levels a.k.a. IOI’s, etc. This comes off in many ways. Outside of the obvious keeping the conversation going when you talk to her, or kino escalating you (this will begin to happen the better you get), is just in general the tone of her voice, the activity of her eyes, and the amount of attention/spotlight she is putting on you, in front of her friends, or anyone else. It’s hard to quantify but keep a very close watch of her energy levels at ALL times, even after you’ve fucked her. It will let you know a lot about where you’re at, and it may be as simple as one change in tone, or w/e… but trust me being good at this will set you free.

This ties a bit in with her energy levels, but this comes in so many different forms and ranges, and is very important in later game, and after-sex game. Girls are CONSTANTLY choding for dudes, in a whole host of ways. Now as my game (and hopefully yours) gets better and better, the range and intensity of her chodedom will increase by leaps and bounds, but be very aware, just like energy levels, of the times she is even ATTEMPTING to chode for you, and realize what that means. What does that mean?
Most girls are insecure a FUCK. They are fortunate to have social calibration (and a highly built shield/ASD because of it) due to the fact they are opened a lot cuz they have vaginas, but they are often WAY more insecure than us dudes, even us suicidal ones. Thus, when they see a guy that they like, (i.e. US!!!), they begin a very intense amount of choding/qualification, however you must be OBSERVANT and a multi-tasker to recognize it. Now that you have been hipped, begin to recognize when a girl is choding for you.
Let’s think of some examples. One of the most common ones is “Sorry”. Girls love this word. One of the first things I learned in the PUA world is stop saying “Sorry” or that’s what you are… sorry. But girls never learn that shit. I think it’s cuz they have some kind of guilt thing going or whatever, and when they feel like you have more value than them (which will invariably happen as your game gets stepped up), they are going to feel guilty or low value or some shit, and start saying “sorry” and chode shit like that. If the girl says “sorry” to you about anything, consider it much like a first down in football or a three-pointer. A small but noticeable victory within it self.
Also, paying you compliments… saying “you’re different”, saying you’re “aggressive” (like Tim that one time), what have you. Anytime a girl is taking the time to go on about how great you are (which again, will start to happen once you are the man and have game… it happens so often now I’m usually in my head like WTF???), then you are money.
And lastly, most choding from girls, in my experience, is done over the phone, or text messages. If she texts you first thing in the morning, or “I miss you” or any of that shit… just know you have enough value to do pretty much whatever the fuck you want, and she probably wants to be on her knees for you right at that instant. They love that kind of shit.

This is, of course, a common thread in much RSD lore, as well much PUA in general. This section is pretty self explanatory but I do want to say a word about “plowing”, which something I mainly learned from RSD (as opposed to MM or something)… this is such a CRUCIAL part of getting good at the game, its not even funny. So many newbies, or dudes that don’t know about the pickup game, don’t think about that shit… YOU SHOULD BE PLOWING AT ALL TIMES. Just like you should ESCALATING at all times… you should NOT be taking what she gives you at first glance… the way I tell guys I run game with who are just starting is “You should not a run a set that doesn’t last for at least 1 minute.” I can’t stand when guys go into set and come back in like 15-30 seconds. WTF IS THAT? Man, KEEP TALKING, make jokes… MAN UP.
This extends, of course, to other aspects. In the same way you should never be in a set for less than a full minute, you shouldn’t be in attraction/comfort and not kino’ing her out of existence. Why are you talking this girl for more than 5 minutes and not got your arm around her, etc.? You’ve got to be kidding me. MAN UP! Similarly, in the bed… IF YOU ARE IN A BED WITH A GIRL, SHE WANTS TO FUCK YOU… or rather… SHE WANTS YOU TO FUCK HER… just man up and go in. If you’re scared, take a deep ass breath, use the classic Tyler line, “This is either gonna go great, or terribly… HAHA… here we go” and just go in. ALWAYS BE MANNING UP.

Know your value. This is probably the biggest most important skillset you can pick up in your game. Know the amount of VALUE and consistency through which you are promoting this value, the means by which you are doing, and what’s having success… and how to reproduce this throughout the interaction.
Let’s get into this. At EVERY second of your interaction with a girl (or anyone really), there are very quick, rapid, intense value transactions going on. Someone is choding, someone is promoting value. Now in the context of girls, especially when you guys are flirting/meeting… it is happening at a VERY extreme rate, and most girls don’t know that this is what is occurring. And so it’s on you to get a leg up and know this shit like the BACK OF YOUR HAND.
Okay, what does this mean in plain English? There are MANY ways to promote value, and when you have game, you need to accomplish and know what they are. Let’s think examples. There are the natural ones like
A) Being pre-selected by other women… of course this is a huge one. If you find yourself at a venue/party/whatever looking at a girl you want, and she blows you out, and she’s not really IOI’ing you the way you want… JUST GO GET ANOTHER GIRL… you can even lie and just tell the other girl you’re really trying to get your target… most girls will be down. Jealously plotlines and “other chicks” is CHICK CRACK… a girl could literally NOT be into you, and if you open an adjacent set with a chick HB8 or higher… she will be ready to grab you right in front of that other chick. It’s simple. So that’s a huge value boost.
B) Having lots of buddies… naturally. If you have a crew of your boys and you get blown out, come back and just chill with your homies for a minute… you’re pretty much driving in neutral. You’re not gonna get a huge value boost by chilling with dudes or anything (no chick’s gonna get wet or anything) but hey it’s better than being a linger chode or wallflower (NEVER, EVER be that guy by the way. If you’re by yourself, go get a drink and sit at the bar and laugh at the TV or some shit. Talk to the bartender, fake text your crew… ANYTHING. Just NEVER wallflower or linger chode. It drags your state down and you looking like a fucking faggot).

Anyway, those are obvious, and having a good handle on those will make you go a long way, but let’s think of some other ones that you may not even notice.

C) YOUR ENERGY LEVELS – Real talk man, you can pull a chick/get her wet just by being the cool chill player type that knows you can have any chick in the venue. You may not notice, but just SPEAKING to a girl, and having the proper energy levels (somewhere between being CHILL and being an aggressive, loud asshole lol). For lack of a better word, this would be your “swag”. Just be the fucking man, and realize for 95% of any girls… A.D.W.D. Any Dick Will Do.
D) *YOU* – This is probably the biggest thing for me. NO ONE KNOWS, OR WILL EVER KNOW BETTER THAN YOU ABOUT YOU AND YOUR UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN LIFE. YOU HAVE LIVED A LIFE… You have TONS of interesting, funny, crazy fucking stories that people want to hear and laugh their ass off at. I don’t give a fuck who you are. If you’ve lived more than 15 years on this rock, even if you’re just 15,14, 15, you have a shit load of NUTSO, CRAZY, FUNNY stories to tell girls/people. I’ll give you an example. I woke up in Delaware this morning. I’ve never been (partied, hung out) to Delaware. People in Delaware are pretty cool, kind of like Philadelphia’s leftovers, but in general they’re all alright. I’m DEAF in my right ear. Straight up deaf… and I’m a musician for a living. So ironically, my fans are hearing twice as much of my music as I am lol. See? All these things are fair game. Just say that shit in set, and she will tell you equally unique, chill, cool story. IF she’s cool. If she’s not and she blows you out for talking about your own unique experiences, she’s a and there are more girls anyway. Plus, if you follow all the other shit I’ve talked about, she’ll come back to you once you open another set, and be yourself.
Anyway, the point of this section is YOU HAVE A UNIQUE TALE TO TELL.

Wrapping up, the moral of this whole thing is to give you some tools and things to think about to get your game up, and not a lot of theory bullshit (cuz too much theory is the devil. Trust me.) I’ll give you a bit of parting real shit. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD… we’re all ultimate just CHICKENS with our heads cut OFF. And girls are the WORST. They don’t know what they’re doing. They just want to be lead and shown the light. That’s what you’re here for, ‘cause you’re a unique guy, and you believe in yourself and where you’re headed. Ultimately remember… YOU ARE THE VALUE. YOU ARE A FUCKING PIMP. TRUST ME… you can have any girl you want in any venue if you just play your outer game solidly (using the tools like I’ve shown here), and remember that YOU *CAN* BE A PIMP. JUST GIVE IT TIME, AND RUN SOLID GAME. Peace and love.
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Sup fellas! It's been a while...

ANYWAY, so I've been in NYC (New York City) to sarge this past weekend (I'm from Washington, D.C.) with my best friend, who is into pickup and all that shit and sarges with me, but EVERY night... he opens about 2-3 sets LESS than I do. After a year or so of that, the DIFFERENCES ARE NOTICEABLE. He often can't get past the social hook point, his sets seem dumbfounded by his openers... he experiences alot more approach anxiety, and also runs out of things to say alot quicker. Much like a guy that has worked out one less hour a day than his exercise buddy, he is sluggish.

Now every night we're out, ever since day one I've told him "JUST KEEP GOING, MAN... LOOK AT THAT SET RIGHT THERE, SAY ANYTHING... GIGGLE, CARTWHEEL, WHATEVER", and sometimes he would/does... other times he just fucks it off and stands there and chodes. And no wonder at the end of the weekend, I had 3 number closes and 2 k-closes from 2 seperate girls, and he had... nothing. I doubt he even got into attraction with any girl. I don't say that to gloat... I say that to illustrate a point.

My point is this: LOOK GUYS. ONE OR TWO SETS IN A NIGHT IS NOT ENOUGH. You (usually) have NOT gotten your mind/state/game to the right "FREQUENCY" (as Tim calls it) yet but giving a pitiful couple opener lines to a couple stray sets. Much like a plane needs a certain amount of velocity, runway, and lift in order to actually GET off the GROUND in order to FLY... a guy's game/mind/state/whatever needs a certain amount of FORCE and POWER (cultivated by opening sets with as much belief and focus as you can muster) before it can really be ready to pull off some antics like SNL'ing a chick, or getting the hottest girl in the club into isolation, or whatever. Not saying that it can't happen... but what I'm saying is that OFTEN the biggest problem of my friends (and many newbies) night is that they open like ONE or TWO sets, chode out the rest, and don't even give themselves a FIGHTING CHANCE.
To illustrate:
My play-by-play for the weekend (roughly) was:

Thursday - 9-11PM - Opened about 2 sets in the street, faltered both times in misplaced negs/escalation...
ejected before even asking for number
- 11-12PM - Get into venue, open about 3-4 sets... some better than others but
nothing wild. Number close blond HB7.5
- 1 AM - Meet 6 FOOT 2 (2 Meters for you Euros) Redhead HB8 outside smoking a cigarette...
make out and number close

Friday - 8-9PM - Go to free open bar... open law student HB9 at bar get into interest/attraction,
but completely falter on leading/neg too hard. No success.
-9-10PM - Flirt with bartenders, get state pumped for evening, get in talkative mood
-10-11PM - Go to freestyle cipher in Union Square... I'm a rapper, but I end up choding
'cause those guys were AMAZING! Lol. STATE BLOWN.
-11-12AM - Ignore shitty state, open 3-set of HB8's and above... fail to get to attraction,
but pass the social hook point
-1AM-3AM - After having venue bounced, open SHB9-9.5 in the new venue,
arguably hottest girl in the club... make out/isolation/attraction/#-close

Saturday - Opened about 3 sets, nothing spectacular, and ended up spending the night with my best friend and ex-GF, but still solid all-in-all


POINT IS... if you look at that short synopsis... it usually took me NUMEROUS sets, mistakes, missteps to get to the make-outs... HOWEVER, if you persevere and keep barrelling through, you can usually get a good solid make-out and attraction by the end of the night, if not more (SNL!!!!)

So keep this in mind gentleman... THIS SHIT TAKES TIME. You have to find your rhythm. And don't let me dare here about you opening one set in a night and complaining that you can't seem to get better.

Hope this all helps!


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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

2:45 AM and just getting to my journal of the day. I can see now, three days in, how it can be quite a work of dedication to journal everyday and track your progress. It is very easy to get distracted and not focused on what you need to do... and I've been mastering that a bit as of late.

I had the eye appointment today, which I completed successfully... however I did nothing to clean my room. Son of a bitch. Now, it's basically liveable, which is all it needs to be... but I opted to spend much more time on RSD, eating with my mom, and just in general talking on the phone rather than coming home and actually getting it DONE. That needs to change.

I talked a bit on the phone to the "BF girl" as I have so dubbed her (HB8.5 Law student chick I've slept with and been spending alot of time with who I met on the subway and is moving to Morocco for 2 months to live with her BF)... I have feelings for her (and she knows it), and clearly she has feelings for me as well, although they must be surpressed quite a bit given the fact that she has this boyfriend and this life scenario, and in addition she is 5 years my senior (I'm 22, she's 27), well on her way to a double law degree from Georgetown, and a healthy career... and I'm still writing blogs on DHVing properly from my Mom's couch! Ha. BUT... there is something there. We talked, laughed, made jokes and told stories. I could feel myself getting a bit of external validation from her... and in general just feeling the good "vibe" of having a girl that you like INTO you. That's really why we're in this game in the first place anyway... to meet and feel "those" types of vibes, you know. It's an awesome thing, and I am forever grateful to the girls who have given it to me, and I've given it to.

I thought that was basically it as far as my day with gaming (since I have been using the last 3 days to sober up for good, and just figure out some life direction and goals)... I began reading the new NEWSWEEK magazine at the eye appointment, and that got me into a very healthy "inquisitive reading" state... and I began devouring article after article on all manner of foreign policy issues, especially the very current Iran Election controversy, going on today as we speak. After I came home, I began to surf the net a bet, string my guitar, and set up a date for tomorrow with an HB8 German chick that I had been gaming last week. It was funny because this was the chick that ALL the dudes from the local D.C. lair had tried to game and said "she wouldn't open up"... and she COMPLETELY fell into my frame when I gamed her, and hopefully it will be successful... however I do have to drive to fucking Virginia tomorrow to do it, which is just a plain old fucking hassle.

I read a few articles in today's newspaper as well... another personal goal. I think it's important for people to be informed and up-to-date on what's happening in their world, and be able to converse on the many topics of the day. With this in mind, I've always looked up to people (my parents, whoever) who can read the paper on a regular basis, and really get into the current events. I need to step that up... and I began today a bit by reading the paper.

So, I thought, after reading the paper, and taking some NyQuil for my cold that this would be the end of my day, and I would wake up for some true hard date calibration on my Day 2 with this German chick. Very interesting... HOWEVER, right as I was about to sign off, I began chatting with this whistful HB8.5-9 that I had been gaming WAY back in the middle of May through my band... long story with this chick that I'll save for another time, but I thought it was done for... however she is, like many chicks, VERY VERY moody, and can get HORNY and crazy with it sometimes... and apparently this was one of those nights.

Long story short... I end up Skype video chatting this chick 'til like 2-3 a.m. in the morning talking about all manner of random shit... she's screening me the whole time, asking me stupid shit like, "Do you get hit on alot?" or "How many chicks have you slept with?" (clearly a "I'm thinking of having sex with you" question)... all types of shit. I run pretty damn solid game if I do say so myself, and by the end of it, she's showing me her titties on this Skype shit, telling me how wet she is, I'm jerking off in front of the webcam... the whole bit. Eventually at one point when it was getting REAL serious, THE FUCKING NET CUTS OFF and it says the "server is down" or some shit... I was like, "well I certainly did get SERVED" (heh heh... get it)... but anyway, yeah that fucked me over on full blown cyber sex but hey that was my first video chat EVER with ANYONE... and I saw a nice pair of titties from a fucking hottie! Not a bad night spent while on Sober House Arrest.

Lastly, while I was vid-chatting that chick... "BF girl" was eating my texts up like SHE KNEW I was with another girl or some shit. We made a plan to hang this weekend. That's doubly awesome 'cause I actually REALLY care and have feelings for this girl... then again that's running a HUGE risk of getting my fucking head fucked up again by her/a girl... words of the wise, gentlemen... FEEL FREE TO HANG WITH A CHICK YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR, JUST BE PREPARED FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF AT THE END YOU/HER/EVERYONE GETTING FUCKING HURT. I know it. I've lived it.

Tomorrow I need to actually accomplish some real life fucking shit. Today was good for the eye exam, reading the paper, setting up the date, and running solid game to get some legit cyber titty... but I WANT MORE!!! 

Hopefully all is well with you guys... PEACE AND LOVE!


In a bit.

-The Young That Can't Be Touched
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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

So... day 2 on my journey. Woke up in a little less of a haze at 12:30 PM today. Went to a 1:30 PM iPod appointment 'cause that fucker won't stop breaking. Damn Apple. Then ate lunch with Mummy Dearest 'cause I (somewhat predictably) have no money, and lamented about this 27 year old HB8.5 (I'm 22) I've been on and off "dating", even though she has a boyfriend who she's moving to Morocco to go live with momentarily. Mom gives good advice, although I am consistently attempting to manage the feelings I have for this girl... this is a huge part of my own personal development... EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT. I was always a very moody/emotional kid, who feels the waves of feeling like hi and low tides on the ocean. Up and down we go.

Came home, and fucked off for about 3 hours... just writing long diatribes on RSD and getting frustrated by the "herding sheep" mentality that occurs on this site, which, of course, occurs in human nature in general. Getting into back and forth frame battles with guys on the site amount what I mean by this, or if getting girls means this or that... just frustrated. It doesn't really end up ruining my day, although it does seem to give me something for my brain to pick at. Maybe that's a good thing? Without a job, a school, or a band to come home to... minutae becomes monumental.

After a while, I strap up the guitar and begin playing/solo to myself. Feel myself getting better... slowly but surely. Very close to finally learning how to fully play my favorite guitar solo, Oasis' Noel Gallagher's solo on "Don't Look Back In Anger"... something that perplexed me for years. Much like the ability to understand and see the "matrix" of social interaction, I can see many things with in the guitar I never thought I would. I realize that I feel completely at home, myself, standing with the guitar in my hand... playing away. I no longer need anyone, "identity", or anything. I can just play and explain it all on the notes. It is an important realization, since I don't need to be drunk or high in order to enjoy it. Nice one.

In general, today wasn't that bad... although it was tainted by the fact I was sick, so I don't know how I will feel about life being SOBER and HEALTHY... that's usually when the craving for a cigarette, a drink, or whatever comes. Tomorrow I have an eye appointment (fuck), the goal of cleaning my room (fuck), and hopefully a more healthy feeling.

In a bit.

-The Young and Invincible
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The ability to recognize, utilize, and manipulate social value at as quick a rate as possible is a very important, fucking CRUCIAL ILL DANK NECESSARY part of my game (and I assume the game of many other guys) that I really want to instill you “lads” as you enter into the sarging world. Obviously much is talked about in the context of it, and it’s a word that has taken on a life of it’s own, so much so we don’t even PRAGMATICALLY know how to actually get our hands on it and use it to our advantage. It’s become this big fucking mythical creature that no one who hasn’t been gaming for at least 6 months can even began to quantify or understand. So here’s my attempt to “reveal the matrix” to you. Now I assume you already know what “social value” is in at least theory… i.e. the standard PUA/MM/RSD definition of it, but need some practical examples to illuminate. If you don’t, I suggest going to like or something like that and checking the glossary. So let’s start… as we always should… looking at a model interaction with a girl.


Alright guys, as you already, the minute you step in the venue/club/bar/cafe/whatever… there are VALUE INTERACTIONS GOING ON IMMEDIATELY. In fact, in every interaction, there are very minute, millisecond-long value transactions going on at every fucking intersection. We know this. So when you OPEN A SET… ASSUME:

1) She already has some kind of basic, superficial BUT tangible value evaluation of you… it’s best to assume you’re at 100% value… because you are ultimately 100% value, but even to her, she doesn’t know you… you could be the guy of her dreams. But she does have one. This low-level subconscious “pre-evaluation” if you will comes from a number of things: who she saw you enter with, what you’re wearing, what you look like, do you look like you have money, whatever. But she has done it.

2) You are 100% value the minute you open your mouth, and with each action/glance/escalation you take, you are either ADDING to your value pot (or rather maintaining it at an acceptable level that she won’t blow you out)… or TAKING AWAY from your value pot (known as making a “MISTAKE” lol). With each neg that lands, each shit-test you pass… your VALUE is being raised to a new level in which… and this is the first crucial part of this post… YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MORE SHIT. This is *HUGE*… THE MORE VALUE YOU GET WITH A GIRL (through whatever means)… THE MORE ESCALATION, ISOLATION, SEX, WHATEVER YOU CAN GET. This is the holy fucking grail here, boys. If you can RECOGNIZE how much value you have as QUICKLY as possible… then you will KNOW what to do.

Alright now that we know that this is the case let’s look at a model interaction. I’m fucking this up on the spot based off of a recent interaction, so don’t fault me if it’s not 100% the best example, but hey I hope it will illustrate my point.

Let’s say you open a HB8.5 (pretty fucking cute!) in a bar. You’ve seen her walking around with a mixed set with 2 other girls in it and 1 guy. At the point that you open her, you do NOT know what her relationship/history with the guy is. But who gives a fuck, she’s a cutie, and you want her so you’re going to open her.
Okay, so you open with something playful yet pretty assertive as she’s walking from one side of the bar to the other. She turns to you, opens pretty solidly, and responds with something equally as playful. *STOP*… OKAY IN THAT MILLISECOND YOU MUST KNOW THAT SHE HAS GIVEN A VALUE PASS… YOUR VALUE IS GOOD AS GOLD RIGHT NOW… YOU OPENED, DIDN’T NEED TO INTERRUPT ANYTHING… SHE DIDN’T WALK AWAY. SHE’S BUYING WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. KEEP GOING.

Okay, so she sticks for your opener, and since know that you know you have enough value to keep running game (‘cause she stayed) you use the classic, “Hi my name is…” opener from Tim. USE THIS OPENER ALL THE TIME… you don’t always have to OPEN with it… but within the first 3 lines of conversation… INTRODUCE YOUR FUCKING SELF… it’s a very subtle way of almost FORCING the person to stay/get to know you/try for rapport/give you value… because now you’ve exchanged names. Anyway… you guys introduce and now you’ve passed the social hook point. Value maintained. You look at her for a moment and you run some classic Tim… “Okay so-and-so… we’re gonna go on our first date for the next five minutes… deal?” And you KINO her when you say this… she complies. OKAY *STOP*… AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. IF SHE COMPLIES WITH THIS COMMAND… YOUR VALUE IS MAAASSIVE. YOU MUST MUST BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THIS QUICKLY IN FIELD. RECOGNIZE THE VALUE YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW… SHE COMPLIES WITH 1) YOUR “WE’RE DATING FRAME” 2) YOUR KINO 3) THE SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME YOU’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER AND SHE’S LETTING YOU ESCALATE… AGAIN… RECOGNIZE THE SOCIAL/SEXUAL VALUE SHE’S GIVING YOU. IF YOU CAN’T RECOGNIZE THIS… YOU WILL FALTER AND QUESTION YOURSELF… WHEN IF YOU HAD JUST KNOW WHERE YOUR VALUE WAS AT… YOU’RE GOLD!!!

Okay, so she complies, and you begin trading each other ideas for your first date and what you two are going to do… you begin to claw her a bit (value!) as you describe that you plan to take her on a Burger King extravaganza (credit: Jeffy) to which she laughs hysterically (value!), or that she could take that or you could simply take her in the back of the bar right now and fuck her up the ass (credit: Jeffy again)… to which she… DENIES your claw and gets turned off a bit… OKAY *STOP* THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PLACE WHERE YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THAT YOU LOST VALUE… PERHAPS YOUR TONALITY WAS OFF, OR YOU TRIED FOR SEXUAL ESCALATION TOO QUICKLY… BUT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE IN FIELD THAT THIS IS A GIRL THAT DOES *NOT* LIKE THAT KIND OF ESCALATION. SO YOU’VE LOST A BIT OF VALUE, BUT YOU CAN STILL KEEP GOING… JUST KNOW THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED.

So she’s just denied your claw… you realize you have to do something… so you grab her by the hand, put her up in a “waltz-slow-dance” position, and run the classic, “What did you want to be when you were 7… and don’t say princess!” She laughs a bit, complying with your dancing frame, and says something ballerina or something. You prudently decide NOT to neg her for that because you recently lost a bit of value with the sexual escalation (and often if you HAD run the neg, you might have gotten blown out)… and you tell her you want to tell her what you want to be… but first… “We need to try a little experiment”… she looks a bit confused but is interested, because your ability to role-play with the dancing, take her on your “first date”, and open well have got her interest. You say, “Okay, we’re playing, but FIRST (GRAB her hand assertively but respectfully)… we sit DOWN” and you drag her to a nearby set. Now you are in isolation. THE REASON YOU WERE ABLE TO DO THIS IS BECAUSE YOU ESTABLISHED VALUE VERY RAPIDLY THROUGH SEVERAL MEANS: 1) YOUR WILLINGNESS TO KINO 2) YOUR ABILITY TO ROLE-PLAY 3) YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD 4) YOUR WILLINGNESS TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES (i.e., not continuing on a sexual frame she clearly didn’t like) and lastly 5) YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF WHERE YOUR VALUE WAS. IF YOU HAD TRIED TO ISOLATE HER AFTER RUNNING JUST YOUR INTRODUCTION OPENER… SHE WOULD HAVE GONE BACK TO HER FRIENDS… BUT SHE STAYED!


Like I said, I made most of this up on the spot, and it might come off a bit ADD, but the point is, through this mock interaction to illuminate the sort of general direction of where your mind should be at in every opening to close. You must be able to recognize the amount of value you are having/losing… and quickly make adjustments, call audibles… whatever. This is my first real “article” of this blog, so I will need to tighten it up, but I hope this helps, clears up something for some folks!


– Amorisey, The Young and Invincible
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Monday, June 15th, 2009

What's up folks. The first blog/journal/FR of a lifetime. Hopefully the start of many... the first step in a journey of a TEN thousand miles. After 22 years of noise and confusion in my mind and the world around me, I finally decided to open up my eyes and get a grip of myself inside... meaning I decided to do it all sober. Meaning I decided to give this life, or rather more specifically, my life a purpose.

You see, I grew up in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (after a move from my birthplace of Boston, Massachusetts), USA in for the most part a single-parent household. Mom left Dad when I was 7, and took me a long, 'cause Dad was a loud, antagonistic drinker who spent more time (ironically) going out then coming home wasted to yell and Mom and me than raising me or her up to any level of self esteem.

I was always the trouble maker in class/school. Up until about high school, I was well liked amongst my peers because I was the class clown, and absolutely defiant to everything that the teachers/school/establishment stood for. I simply didn't give a fuck. Now, many years/drinks/blunts/parties later I have no recollection/clue what the hell I was thinking that whole time, probably not very much, but that was me. Ah well.

In high school, I was reserved. I had friends in certain circles, but I changed schools 3 times in the course of 2 years (one being a complete city-change from Philadelphia to the Nation's Capitol, Washington, D.C. where I reside currently)... that was fucking tough. School was brutal on me. I always hated it, I couldn't stand my teachers, and I could never figure out how to meet girls. I was essentially a bit of a social outcast. HOWEVER, I had started teaching myself how to rap, and I was always very articulate/outspoken/humorous (at times), so I could always make a bit of a niche for myself. Most of high school was spent walking around, zoned out on my headphones listening to Kanye West, Jay-Z, DMX, whoever... wishing I could find a girl... success... something to live for. Whatever.

Well, college came, and I thought I had found it... WEED. And DRINKING. And PARTYING. And a BAND to devote myself to...(I joined a band of old high school friends in the Summer of '06... summer after freshman year in college) The living's easy, RIGHT?? No, not at all, fuck all that.

I spent the next few years in this band... going down to college for the year, only to smoke weed, play guitar, and listen to Led Zeppelin all day... languishing in the fact I didn't know how to talk to girls, and being thankful to the heavens that I was able to find the stray amounts of vagina I did in college (usually the BEST pussy-getting years of your life)... eventually my weed issues became such that I was arrested and taken to jail the 2nd week of my "junior" year of college, and ceremoniously sent back home to Mommy and Stepdaddy to "sort my life out".

Well THAT didn't fucking happen. I ended up smoking MORE, and picking up a nasty drinking habit along the way... ANYTHING to keep me from... who? ME. And my band. We had begun to have issues.

Long story short... eventually I lost my job, school, girls, and many things to my weed issues. Eventually I was able to curb it after being introduced to PICKUP in the summer of '07 (aged 20), although I could not take advantage of it until the following summer when I turned 21, summer of '08. I finished my weed addiction and began a healthy intake of 1) Going out and gaming chicks 2) getting drunk as all hell. Now as many of you drinkers know, DRINKING HEAVILY has... CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES when realized. And that is what happened... I ended up punching 2 band members in the face WHILE THEY WERE DRIVING ME HOME IN THEIR CARS... punched my best friend... lost tens of girls, freaked out people, had fall outs with family members, the whole nine yards. By the end of it all... last weekend, I had no job, no band, no girls, barely any friends. And no money. Suicidal as all hell on a New York City front stoop waiting from my best friend who hates/hated me for my drinking, outbursts, and lack of control. I wanted to die.

And this is when I knew I couldn't do "this" anymore. I couldn't continue on gaming, living on this same path. When you make the acceptance that you do NOT care whether you live or die because you hate life so much, or the alternative seems "alright"... you really start to check yourself. What is the underlying issue here? For me it was two things 1) My completely wacky emotional system that I never tried to take care of through meditation, counselling, journalling, etc. 2) My substance abuse.

And so this much change. I've broke down and told my Mom I was addicted to weed/cigarettes/alcohol (true)... that I was suicidal most of the time... and that I needed help. Like rehab-visit-for-30-days-plus-detox-help... or I would just, as I put it, "fade into nothingness" as I continued to drink and smoke myself to an early grave. We made an agreement that I was stay sober for the next three days (Today, Monday June 15, through Wednesday the 17th... then regroup).

And this is where I'm at. I promised myself I would write a journal a day from now on, chronically my journey wherever it may lead me. I thought: Where else better to preserve and put this journey on display than RSD, the site that helped me so much through the years with pickup and just basic understanding? I'm not even writing this with the intention of really anybody reading it, but I wanted it documented somewhere where people COULD read it if they so choosed. I will in addition include all of my field reports and opinion blogs here as well as my journals.

Lastly, let me recap the day before I go to sleep because that was part of the idea. I woke up today about 12-1 PM because I had been up 'til about 3-4 AM the previous night on the phone with this girl I used to try to date in college but had no success, yet we still became good friends. We share a common bond in our substance issues, and she has handled hers very well so I look to her for guidance.

Anyway, talked to her until late... then smoked my (hopefully) "last cigarette" (epic, isn't it?). Went to sleep and woke up in a haze at 12 PM. Ended up going with Mom, the old lady, to a nice lunch in downtown D.C., just talking about different things and my level of focus. I did not feel any particular withdrawal symptoms for lack of weed, alcohol or cigarettes, and even when having cigarettes smoked in my face at the outdoor patio, I did not crave it too much. THEN AGAIN... IT'S DAY 1.

In general, today, I did NOT feel any of the classic depression of going cold turkey. I spent most of the day attempting to divert my attention AWAY from the big bad task at had (meaning organizing my life), and tried to stay in the present moment. I knew that the more I dwelled on it or the past, the more I'd come close to freaking out and really feeling the need for a drink, or a cigarette or whatever. I think I did a pretty good job with that.

I know I have a big task ahead of me... and I plan to write out "The Masterplan" (my life plan and goals) as much as possible by the end of the week. For right now, my concern is getting a good night's rest... staying present, and positive, and getting the 5-6 things I wrote for myself to get done tomorrow... DONE. All the rest is just details. Hope this services as a good first entry. If not, oh well fuck it, there'll be alot more of these to get it right won't there! 

Have a good night me, and the rest of humanity...

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