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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's up guys. I've decided it's better to just periodically write recaps/journals/articles when I'm compelled to rather than force myself everyday to write something... at least for now, because often at the end of the day, after a night of sarging, my brain is so fried already, I can't really muster up the energy to recap IT ALL.

With that being said, I decided I should talk briefly about my year so far, the mistakes, failures, successes, etc. and in the context of not only myself... you guys and how you can use it yourself to catapult to new heights.

Well, first let's start with some stats: 

6 f-closes, 11 lifetime total. I started off the year with a goal of banging at least ONE new chick EACH month on average... that would be 12 new chicks in the year, or in the month of July as it is currently, 7 new chicks. Now, currently I am one behind that, although I am shocked that I've been able to essentially keep on pace (in May I was at 5, etc.) I think this has a bit to do with the goal being the back of my mind, and also my ability to successfully run good "streaks", meaning I banged like 3 chicks in one month (May), to help keep my numbers up. Now I also go through long periods without much "success", however at the same time I have been able to keep sarging and barrell through it. Very important fellas.

(Roughly) 10-15 k-closes, maybe 30 lifetime total. I'm guessing low here. I never really track/remember how many new k-closes I have because (like many guys), on days like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's day, or July 4th... I'm liable to kiss about 3-5 girls that night and not even know their names, so it's not a big victory to me. Kissing feels great, especially a new girl, and it always makes you BETTER at kissing so that when you do begin kissing a chick you actually LIKE, it improves your chances at actually getting her turned on... so it's a good thing. NOTE: You should always, always, always, go for the kiss if you think you have a shot. Alot of guys wonder, "When should I go for the kiss?" MOTHERFUCKER the *second* you feel the urge to... GO for it. Worst thing that could happen is she says "no", which she does to tons of guys, so she won't give a fuck.

(Roughly) 20-25 number-closes, maybe 35 lifetime total. Again, I'm guess low here... and again, I have no way of verifying this number, because I'll usually just ask for the number within the first 5 minutes of meeting almost ANY chick, even if she's consistently IOD'ing me. Better than nothing. Mind you, I take ALOT of shots with girls, meaning I'll ask for numbers, try to go for the kiss, all types of shit... but my flakeage rate is PRETTY high. You just have to be comfortable with that sort of stuff... now I've probably gotten 15 out of my 25 numbers to flake on me, but hey 6 of 'em banged me, and 10 of 'em made out with me... so hey that's the way it goes right? KEEP TAKING RISKS.

And how many sets have I opened? Oh, fuck if I know... this year so far? Hmmm... if I average maybe 5-7 sets at a week... let's say 6 sets a week, and there's been 7 months (28 weeks...) that's 168... that's a rough estimate, but that makes alot of sense.

With this all being said, so much shit has gone down this year... I've had epic fights, blowoffs, friend-zone's from a number of chicks... some girls have banged me once and never seemed to want to again... other girls have told me I was the "best they ever had" (to quote Drake, lol)... and others have not even given me a shot with their NUMBER.

I say all this not to gloat, or to bring myself up OR down... I say this to say... THIS IS THE FUCKING GAME, GENTLEMEN. This is how it goes for a long time before you find that TRUE inner core dominance. I know I'm not there, but I know that's where I'm headed.

Alot of newbies will be impressed by these numbers, maybe not even believe them... but trust me man, they are NOTHING compared to the sheer amount of sets that I open... if we do the math, if I opened 168 sets this year... and banged SIX of them... that means I only sleep with .035% of the chicks that I approach. That sounds pretty pitiful... however when you look in the sheer context of how many new girls ONE a month is... it doesn't sound bad.

THIS IS MEANS THIS IS HARD FUCKING WORK GENTLEMEN. You're not gonna get the abundance you want with just ONE set a night. You have to be able to muster up a consistent level of self-belief and KEEP going. I still want to hold true to my goal... 12 NEW CHICKS THIS YEAR. The crazy thing is next year... it doubles. I'm going for 2 new girls a month. THIS IS HOW TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS, BABY! Let's get it!

In a bit.

King Young and Invincible
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.what's up folks!!! Been a long time... been floundering on a plateau in sarging and haven't really been driven to write/post anything of note on RSD. But I'm back again on Friday, ready for a great weekend... with the hopes of f-closing a girl on "The Real World" (they're filming a season here currently)! Haha anyway...

The reason I wrote this post was to hopefully de-bunk for us (and for myself) the notion that it's just as simple as "being yourself" or "being in the moment"... not to discredit these principles because they are useful underlying mentalities for the field but 1) they are vague, esoteric "catch phrases" that really won't change a guy from a "chump to a champ" as Tim would say... AND 2) they are not completely accurate, in my opinion, in really getting you RESULTS. Which, as CX might say, is the only thing that matters.

I came to this conclusion from alot of recent reference experiences, most notably last night (Thursday) when I went to a lounge/club environment with a pickup buddy of mine. We would open sets with varying amounts of energy, usually with him being the one that's like "HEY!! You guys are so funny... what's up??" and stuff like that.. kino escalating, bla bla bla. Me on the other hand, I would be chill, measured, and basically myself. I would be calm, good body language, eye contact, tonality, etc. but basically acting as chill as I would if I was in the living room with my homeboys (which LD actually suggests)... well needless to say, my buddy got much more attention, and after a short introduction, and perhaps me saying one or two observational things about her/the venue/whatever... the girls would look away and show no real interest.

Now it IS true that there could be a variety of reasons for this. Let's explore some of the possibilites (before I start, these are just my thoughts/opinions):

1) GIRLS HAVE CERTAIN EXPECTATIONS/PRE-CONCEIVED NOTIONS ON THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT THEY DESERVE IN A PICKUP...I've found recently that alot of girls have not only a shield and a group common shit-tests, but it varies on the girl depending on her insecurities, how intelligent she is, what kind of club it is, if she's with her friends, etc. With this in mind... if the girl you want has to LOCKED in her brain that she will NOT go home with anyone, NOT give her number out, or whatEVER dumb shit-test reason she's concoted... don't think for a second that simply "being yourself" or not running serious amounts of game (i.e. push/pull, kino, etc.) is gonna change that

2) ALTHOUGH YOUR NATURAL DEMEANOR MIGHT BE SOMEHWAT LAID-BACK/CHILLING WHEN YOU'RE AT HOME... IN A VENUE... YOU MUST BE SLIGHTLY OVEREXCITED. Not in a chode manner, but seriously I don't know how many sets I get blown out on on a daily basis just by my energy level being to low. This is another example of "being in the moment" or "being yourself" ONLY may hurt you. If IN THAT MOMENT you really just feel like being "chill" and "being natural to yourself"... and not following PUA protocol... you will probably get blown out.

3) Lastly, and probably most importantly: YOU NEED SOME BASIC OUTER GAME SKILLS REGARDLESS OF YOUR INNER GAME. This is HUGE. I think alot of Inner Game gurus and guys who have made it past the "threshold" of chodedom forget where they came from... they want to have newbies/AFCs believe it's ALL inner game and that's all that matters. Bullshit. If you were a chode your WHOLE fucking life, grew up with awkward parents, friends, co-workers, etc... You think having 100% confidence alot is going to make you skilled at same night laying chicks at any venue you want, if that's your goal? NO. It may increase the number of women in your life... but you DO need to study some basic tools/routines/concepts of outer game in order to reach that level of success in today's venues.

Wrapping up, basically what I'm saying is (mainly for myself, and for RSD world as well), RESPECT THE GAME and don't use the idea that "I'm just gonna go out tonight, open some sets with 'Hi my name is', say whatever I feel at that second, and if they like it they do, if they don't, oh well" as a CRUTCH. TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY. You're much better off really learning some routines/kinos/techniques and working them to the MAX for a few weeks WHILE always keeping the principles of "being yourself" and "being in the moment" in the BACK of your head... than just going out with some average/pseudo-chode attempts and then simply blaming your lame results on lack of "authenticity" on your OR her parts.


Anyway, I'm very curious about the responses for this... I'm sure in RSD land some of this is quite provocative... I hope it helps some cats!!!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So today I got "Friend-Zoned", messed up a possible attraction scenario, and saw two pretty decent movies. What's going on, mayne?!? I'm LOSING it...

So I woke up today and knew I wanted to see the new Transformers movie. Also I knew that there was a special reggae night down at a local bar, so I was considering going to that... although it blew because I was trying my best to stay sober as long as possible.

I went to the movie in the first half of the day... and it was quite long and "laborious" to use an SAT word. I enjoyed a bit, but it really didn't "do it" for me, so my day was "meh" at that point. After eating following the movie, I get a text from my boy saying "Do you want to go see The Hangover?" another movie I had heard about and wanted to see. So I complied. However, I had to take the bus in order to get downtown, and it was rush hour... so it blew my state a bit to have to deal with the bus (then again millions do, so whatever, lol).

We get down there, start watching the movie. He informs me that he has a girl coming along who is "just a friend" and that I can game her if I so choose. I don't really like being put on the spot like that, and don't even know if she's cute at the time, so I'm indifferent. She finally shows up right before the flick starts and she IS cute... I won't lie. Maybe an HB7.5/8. However, I ascertain very quickly she has a pretty strong personality and just kind of a little bit "much" for me.

The movie ends and we enjoyed it, although with all of its glorification of drinking and "the party lifestyle", we end up deciding it's time for a drink. We sit down and get into a 3-way rapport, and I pretty much figure out quickly that this girl is looking to get gamed... just the way she's talking and stuff. She's hot to trot... but I'm not really much for it, and never once really try to game her or escalate. Maybe it had to do with my friend, maybe it had to do with her. In fact, what ends up happening is we get into an intense discussion on religion and its benefits or consequences (I'm a vocal atheist, they're on religion's side)... terrible idea. It sucks the rapport right out of the interaction, and in fact makes me seem a bit like a fish out of water.

To make matters worse, while I was in the bathroom, I guess a voicemail from the German HB8 who I ended up pulling a no-Viagra on last week (check the blog), saying she "just wanted to be friends"... no surprise, but FUCK ME?!? What the hell. My "pimp ego persona" go flustered... I... GAMER OF THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF, THE BOY WHO WOULD BE KING... Does NOT get "friends-zoned" anymore... RIGHT?!? 

No. Get over yourself. It happened. And it depressed me.

We eject from the venue, and part ways. I resolved to "save the day" and go to the reggae night... however when I get there... I realize, I HAVE SANDALS ON. They won't let me in. Lol. Great.

I walk over to my buddy's house to spend the night... depressed. Bored. Looks like it's spinning downnnnnnnn, downnnn.... 


Also: If you DLV enough (impotence, lack of money, too much gamer/player nature)... you WILL get ripped. "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE PROCESS" - Stylo

In a bit. 

The King 
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spent most of the day just lounging out, trying to stay sober and not really doing too much. Nothing really to report on where I'm headed, although I AM excited about the possibility of Transformers 2 being a great movie tomorrow. Plus I was broke, 'cause payday is Wednesday, so I'll be able to do something...

Much more tomorrow.

In a bit.

All You Need Is Love
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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Awesome day... well except for the fact I could have my 6th f-close of the year (keeping up with my one-new-girl-a-month goal), but my dick did NOT agree.

So I woke up this morning, feeling pretty justified after asshole BF girl HB.5 made a "concession text" the night before, realizing how fucked up she was to me this weekend. In addition to that, I had gone out the night before (Sunday), and ran a bit of semi-solid game... number closed a cutie (although I doubt anything will come of it)... and in general worked on "moving on".

I knew I had a day 3 planned with this pretty hot German HB8 that I had been seeing... so I was boosted about that (she doesn't really flake or anything), and the weather was alright. In any case, I met up with one of my boys who plays music... and we jammed out HARD for like 2-3 hours... just fucking killing it as a group, and drinking some good beers after. It was a really relaxing feeling to be back in my element, what I love most, even above girls, even above sex (for the most part)... FUCKING MUSIC.

Anyway, before I know, it's time for this date, and I know if I play my cards right... I CAN FUCK THIS GIRL. I even got the go-ahead from an RSD guy after reading the field report, telling me I just have to keep going and keep it slow (although, as we will see... there is such a thing as TOO slow)

Long story short... I pop in a movie... escalate pretty well and begin kissing, but she keeps turning away and trying to have shit go all fucking slow and shit. Clearly my dick is hard and I'm trying to fuck her... but she's all up on this SLOW ass ASD-LMR shit, and although having already tried... maybe 'cause she's European... she isn't very open to being "cavemanned"... so I don't know.

Without putting too much of a point on it... I end up eating her out, getting a handjob, and trying to get inside her TWICE before we establish... I JUST CAN'T GET "IT" UP. My dick had been hard in my pants the whole fucking night while I was... "slowly, but surely" warming her up for sex. And by the time she was ready... my dick had given out for the fucking night. I was so pissed I ever told her so... and she seemed to feel guilty. LOL. Fuck man, I wanted that 6th f-close of the year. I can't believe I'm almost on pace for it!!! Regardless... we agree to do a day 4 on Thursday (today is Monday), and pretty much agree verbally that we will fuck that day. I know that this is NO guarantee in a woman's world (in fact the word "guarantee" doesn't even exist in a woman's head), BUT I think it's pretty solid... she's never really flaked or given me any impression she doesn't want it/follow up on what she says. We'll see.

The ONLY thing from a pickup aspect I learned today, which was a GREAT learning tool... was the art of the LMR-destroyer. I am still dealing with this (it's a bit of a plateau for me/any guy once they get that far along)... but I did well with it. I gave her a massage, the suck on her titties, then the legs, etc. went in... LMR. Then chilled for a minute... began playing a kissing game with her... go in... LMR. Finally just begin having a full fledged conversation about fucking sex and what she likes... all that shit. FINALLY she gets wet enough, takes her clothes off... etc.

With this in mind, I realize... or at least believe, that it's probably a good idea to just get the word "sex" out there as much as possible if you are stuck in how to "sexualize" an interaction. Talk about what you like in sex, as her... all that shit. Just make it "cool" for you guys to talk about it... 'cause otherwise you won't get her fucking wet... which is the point of sex of course... you to be hard and her to be wet.

Anyway... pretty awesome day in general. Let's hope tomorrow is pretty solid... and that I can keep my value at a good level to plow through until Thursday, in the hopes that simply f-close number 6 on the year, my first European, a German HB8... we shall see.

In a bit.

The One Who Couldn't Get It Up Tonight
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I needed today to return to my passion a bit (music)... and get my game going again. After a TERRIBLE weekend pickup/emotionally... I needed to game Sunday night, and do music... my two loves closes to my heart.

I start by eating Father's day lunch with my stepfather. Goes alright/pretty good (any free meal is a good meal)... but then I end up leaving to go jam with this other band I was potentially trying to rock with. That goes pretty damn well... I get to play with them and rock the FUCK out (they're damn good musicians), and reminds me a bit of what my REAL purpose is here... to do music. I spent most of the day there... still with no response from my EPIC "I-HATE-YOU-GET-OUT-OF-MY-LIFE" text I sent crazy HB8.5 girl with a BF from last night (check Day 6's journal for explanation). That stressed me out a bit. The German HB8 that I've been dating/talking to offered for me to come out with her, however I decline 'cause I get stuck out at the band's house.

By Sunday evening... I was just so demoralized by the fact I had a whole summer weekend to game and didn't come out with one number/day 2/k-close (by now almost a GIVEN on a weekend for me... not bragging, just where I've worked my plateau to), that I decided I MUST GO OUT. Much like many of you guys out there who every day wake up and go out in-field and won't be denied 'til you "get this shit handled"... I won't go down THAT easy. I'll go out AGAIN. On SUNDAY.

And the great thing about D.C. is that there are places to go on Sunday (actually just one but it ROCKS), and you can game. So I drag one of my OLD drinking/partying buddies away from his girlfriend for the night and we go out. Now, I spent most of the night just laughing with him, drinking, talking shit, and watching the dancing/breaking battle that go on at this place that we went to (that's what makes their Sunday nights tight... people dancing out and just showing mad love)... and I open maybe 3-4 sets max. I number close a girl at the end of the night randomly, but it didn't feel solid to me... and I haven't texted her since. So we'll see. But the great thing is... I get...

A "I'M SORRY. IT WAS MY FAULT" text from HB8.5 BF Girl... awesome. I *KNEW* I wasn't tripping when I thought she was being a fucking bitch. So, that boosts my night, and I feel cool. I eventually spend the rest of the fucking day tomorrow (meaning Monday) thinking about what to do/how to handle this chick... in fact, I make a thread about it and get some good advice... but for the time being... it ends the night off good to know that sometimes, as a man, LAYING THE LAW DOWN AND JUST SENDING A GOOD OLD, "FUCK YOU" IS THE WAY TO GO.

In a bit.

STILL Young and Invincible... Amorisey. Holla
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Saturday, June 20th, 2009

So, yeah... today was just fucking horrible. A horrible, horrible Saturday. And it sucks, 'cause Saturdays are a holy day in the world of game and youth. No reason for shit to go so bad.

After a Friday night where I drank WAY too much, almost fought one of my high school friends... and didn't get ANYTHING going pickup wise... I thought Saturday would be the day to redeem me... NOT SO.

Now I had planned WELL in advance to meet with BF girl (HB8.5, already f-closed)... so I woke up Saturday expected to make a killing with that, hopefully fuck her again. Gave her a call about 3 PM to set up the meet-up for that night.

SHE STANDS ME UP. Starts by telling me she's going to the movies at that moment (we were supposed to meet at 4 PM)... and that she has a party she's going to, and not going to change her plans for that (even though we had stated even as close as the night before we'd meet that night). So I don't get PISSED... but I voice that I don't think that's cool and she really should stick to the plans we had. She BLOWS up at me... talking all this shit like, "Don't get MAD!! I'm not having an argument with you today... I've known these people I'm hanging with longer than you... and you should have called me Friday afternoon to solidify the plan!! (even though 1) she could have called me if she was deciding to make other plans 2) I texted her Friday NIGHT explicitly asking if we were chilling Saturday night and she sent back an emphatic "YES!"...

Point is, she ripped me for all this shit... and I didn't even get mad. After being so dissed (I haven't been stood up in such a manner maybe... ever. Especially by someone I consider a friend even mildly), I resolved to go the movies (clear my head) and just forget about it by the time the movie ends. WELL... the fucking calls me while I'm IN THE THEATER... 10 mins. from the end of the movie... pretty much DEMANDING that I come outside and talk NOW and resolve shit. Of course, I make a crucial error and believe that if I leave the movie that will win me POINTS and she WON'T rip me a new one again. WRONG

She proceeds to spend the next 15 mins. 1) cussing me out 2) talking over me 3) hanging up on me... etc. etc. I put up with it 'cause I think of her as something more than just another "lay", and almost like a good friend. But this means nothing. She was on like an all-day full blast of hate or some shit, 'cause she laid it on THICK. 

Long story short... she ruins my day... rips me, and I'm just sucked dry. I go out that night... more drinking, hanging out... but make a few key logistical errors (go to a club I should have KNOWN would be sold out... hang out with people I've never met before, find out one of them is UNDER 18 and has a fake... start gaming more CRAZY bitches...) 

Worst logistical error of the night: Actually end up GOING to where I know BF Girl is gonna be at... end up seeing her at like 3 A.M. in the morning outside of the club while she's getting gamed by some rich chode (has money but game is pretty weak)... and with her friends. Anyway, she just (even in person) basically rips me a new one by her unreactivity... makes me come off like a UBER-desperado chode. All good though... I'm drunk so I don't even feel it... and then leave to go game up some other chicks. Too bad that goes sour as well.

End up at some HB7.5's (8 at as far looks, but her personality sucked) house trying to escalate her... nothing happening. Even we start to get into a bit of an argument... and I just leave and go home. Before going to sleep however, I send BF Cusser Out Girl a 5-text long message about how she stood me up was ACTUALLY fucked up... and how she IS an asshole for what she did... especially making me leave my movie. WTF?!? lol. Told her I don't really need people in my life like her... and holla at me if she ever grows up. Fall asleep.

Naturally, she responds to that... but not until tomorrow evening when I'm out at the bar... trying to make some new shit happen. I swear these girls have fucking radar with this shit. They know when you're really done with them... AND when you really want them.
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Friday, June 19th, 2009

What's up fellas. Today was Friday. Naturally, despite a commitment to staying clean... I went out. And got hammered. And chain-smoked. Hey, that's me for now... I'm comfortable with it. At least at this moment.

So went out today, with my eyes on a BIG weekend because of Thursday night's hanging and escalating of the HB8 German. She seemed fully pretty into it, and in generally, I ran solid game. 

Somehow or another, I got tagged along with a younger social circle in my area for drinks and a "pre-game party" that bled into another party. Because most of the people were about 18, 19, and 20... they know how to fucking DRINK. I'm talking shots... full handles... the whole bit. Me, being a former heavy weed smoker, cigarette artist, and current full-time evening drinker... I just can't keep up with those fuckers anymore. They drink like it's really nobody's business. I guess at that age I did as well.

Anyway, everything was for the MOST part cool in the beginning of the night... had a number of hot girls (ranging from HB8's-9's) to game, but they all KNOW me and have preconceived notions about me. Had hooked up with maybe 1-2 of their friends... so really running classical "evening approach pickup" (really mainly what I do) was NOT in the cards. Had a subtle line of IOI's from some of the girls (pretty natural if you have a value-wielding job like a musician... which is what I am, currently)... but nothing serious. Got too drunk, and bounced to this other house party.

Now, by the other party, I was almost completely obliterated... so naturally my pickup was faltering. Alot of the people there I knew but didn't like/knew me but didn't like me... so I basically didn't have anything to work with. What little game I have came off as somewhat chode because 1) I was pretty damn drunk 2) It's a fucking SOCIAL CIRCLE. So unless they know me, or know OF me very positively... I pretty much look like a creepy player, or just desperate/qualifying no matter what game I spit. So nothing really popped.

By the end of the night, we were all DESTROYED, and I ended up almost coming to blows with one of my old buddies from high school... had a full-fledged argument and near-fistfight with him, although by the end of the night we were friends again and he drove me home lol. On top of all this, BF Girl (HB8.5 with a BF I slept with and now there are some SERIOUS feelings between us developing between us... PROBLEM) called me about 12 times in the MIDDLE of the fight, and I called her to hang tomorrow (Saturday). I thought she was just clasically late-Friday night choding... however there would seem to be more at hand, as we shall see tomorrow.

So... shitty Friday night. Great. No number closes, no kiss closes, no nothing.
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Thursday, June 18th, 2009

2 A.M. journal... again. This seems to be the ritual.

Well, today... Jesus H. Christ... I don't know what the hell happened but I had like a DAY-long girl nimbus or some shit. You ever have those days where it's like, no matter what girl you interact with, you can do NO wrong? It was definitely one of those scenarios. It was fucking nutty.

So the first half of the day was spent doing the normal play guitar for like an hour-hour and a half to myself... consistently getting better and better, understanding the places I can go more and more. Went over to a buddy's house (who I'm considering making a new band with) and jammed some more... so that's a good two hours of playing in. Everything was gravy.

In addition, I read quite a bit of newspaper again and watched some of the news... keeping with all the up-to-date shit of the newsday, feeling "informed" and all that shit.

Anyway... so the day 2 with this German HB8 chick... well, first off, she lives in fucking Mclean, VA... 35 mins. on a GOOD day from my house... and like 45 to an hour if I'm lost. Needless to say, I GET FUCKING LOST. I had spent most of the day TRYING to figure out what to do with her because when I had met her/been chilling with her the last time (I hope I told the background of this chick already, cuz I don't feel like going through that shit now), she was MAD reserved, and I thought I might have to do that slow, day 3-4 style to get her pussy... so I thought maybe not even try to take her back to my house??? Anyway, I told her I'd be there at like 8:30... didn't get there 'til like fucking 9:15... she gets in the car, starts bitching A LITTLE, but I was in a good mood 'cause I just found it hilarious I got so fucking lost in shitty ass Northern Virginia... plus I had just had borderline webcam sex with a HOTTIE the night before, I didn't really give a fuck about the date anyway... either way, I just kept my state up throughout the whole time... we drove around for like a fucking hour (I finally decided to take her back to my area so I could go to my house for a while)...

We go to a little lounge-type spot I have near my house (very clutch)... eat some food, she gets a drink, and she's basically being a little reserved the entire time... like not really opening up, nothing. She isn't exactly RUDE or DEAD, but she's just like... "Meh" the whole time. Plus she isn't a NATIVE English speaker, so little jokes or humor that I say go over her head... I realize quickly I'm not working with a ton here. Anyway, we bounce from that venue, and I take her down the streets of my town (Takoma Park, MD)... which is cool 'cause it's like a quaint little "Notebook"-style town, and at like 11 PM... NO ONE is in the streets... it's like it's our world or some shit. Anyway, I knew that would be alright, but the whole time, I couldn't even get a kiss out of this chick... nothing.

So I convince her to come back to my house for a minute so I could give her "the tour" (CLUTCH CLUTCH CLUTCH) of my crib or whatever... we get there, and I think my parents might be awake watching TV... NOTHING OF THE SORT. The place looks fucking empty. Awesome. Show her around my place (still kind of dead reactions from her), keep plowing, whatever... eventually get her in my room... sit her down. Play a little guitar. Run a little massage routine on her... next thing I know we're comfort kissing. I know once I got her kissing, it's good to go.

Long story short, we start making out, shit is gravy, she's getting turned on but not like 100% I NEED TO FUCK YOU RIGHT NOW turned on (still don't know how to get to that level usually without her having a drink or two... will work on it)... anyway, I basically end up escalating successfully to the point I'm sucking her (very nice) German titties, rubbing her cooch and shit, getting her turned on or whatever... and she tells me, "I need to save something for next time" as I'm about to put my hand down her pants... basically in other words, I will fuck you next time we hang out... which is cool by me 'cause I noticed alot of girls nowadays will NOT SNL or fuck you on the first date... just wait 'til the 2nd time you hang out and let you do what they SHOULD have let you done, and know they WANTED to do the first time. It's like a highly calibrated new version of ASD. Either way, I was happy with that and drove her home.

While I'm driving her home... lo and fucking behold... Webcam hottie from last night called me (didn't call her back... will text or something tomorrow), and BF GIRL starts texting me INSANELY like NON-STOP... "Where are you? What are you up to?" like she could SMELL that I was with a girl... in fact, by the end of it, she's like, "Are you chilling with a lady friend? None of my biz, I know"... to which I ignore and keep her thinking. Anyway, I schedule a date for Saturday with BOTH girls (BF GIRL and GERMAN GIRL)... so that could turn into a REAL problem... BUT, a GREAT night none the less... the girl I'm borderline falling for (BF Girl... LOL Irony) texted me crazy all jealous... AND I sucked some AWESOME German titties (probably D's... if not that VERY full C's)... and plowed through a CRUCIAL bitch shield from this European hottie. Basically have a guaranteed f-close from her with Saturday or another day. Of course I've been in this game long enough to know NOT to count my eggs before they hatch, and I don't really expect ANYTHING out of any woman anymore, but it is nice to day dream about how awesome this fucking weekend could turn out to be.

Another unexpectedly brilliant day. Ahh, the joys of sober existence??? Who knows.

In a bit.

King Invincible
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Much like my other outer game thread, I'm on a bit of a crusade. I think RSD is a fucking amazing thing and a great part of my life, but let's be frank. It often gets diluted with esoteric inner game hyperbole... and for alot of the newbies/recovering chodes/AFCs... before they can "figure out their true identity" or whatever it is, they need to GET OUT IN THE FIELD AND START MEETING GIRLS. And run SOLID game. So I'm hoping that me, and a few others can begin infusing some solid outer game techniques and thoughts for RSD to counter-balance the excellent, if sometimes saturated inner game of this site we all love. Anyway... let's start. Btw... this is just my opinion on these things... feel free to disagree.

Always, always, ALWAYS ask for the number. It requires balls, gives you another chance with the girl, and makes you develop an almost "SPIDEY-SENSE" when you DO want to get a certain girl. I remember when I was younger (in like high school and all that), I used to be scared to ask for a girl's number, and wouldn't know the right time, nor context in which I should ask for a girl's number. By implementing the mentality that you will always, always ask for the number, you will develop the skills to not have to worry about this. Lastly on this point... I don't mean you should/need to ask for a girl's number if you haven't even gotten her NAME, or have only spoken for like 30 seconds... I'm just saying if you're into attraction phase or farther... GET THAT GIRLS FUCKING NUMBER.


Look man. Alot of newbies/chodes/AFCs get the idea that when MM or RSD say that if you are "choding around" the venue (i.e., not in set, sitting at the bar), that you're "diminishing your social value" and all that shit. Now it IS true that it makes it POSSIBLY a little harder to open CERTAIN sets if they see you by yourself, but ultimately that's bullshit/nonsense. Listen close. YOU ARE THE SOCIAL VALUE. YOU ALWAYS HAVE VALUE. YOU NEVER LOSE OR GAIN IT ULTIMATELY. Why? Because you are ultimately UNIQUE and INTERESTING no matter what. And girls can see that, given the right circumstances. Oh and BY THE WAY. Whether you know it or not 'cause you're not calibrated to recognize the signs... GIRLS ARE CHECKING YOU OUT. Now I've never met you in person, and maybe you are what is considered classically "ugly", but that means fucking NOTHING. Nothing. Women are attracted to BEHAVIORAL/SOCIAL cues much more than PHYSICAL ones. Remember that... so chicks ARE checking you out... and if you are comfortable in yourself, and just know you COULD get these bitches... you're fine. They'll get wet. So what does that mean? If you feel the need to come into the venue and chill for a minute, get a drink, watch the 4th quarter of your team on the flat screen... wait for your crew, whatever that's FINE. Just don't get in your head, and make sure that you have a good 3-5 sets by the end of the night. It's a sprint, not a marathon... you can start the race in 4th and end in 1st.

Do you want to get good at this game or what man? A HEALTHY, FLAMING, UNDYING "PLOWING MENTALITY" is one of the KEYS to success in this game. You *need* to recognize that. Sometimes a chick would LOVE you if she gave you a chance, she just doesn't know it yet... so the way to do it is keep conveying ways of your personality... which is means KEEP PLOWING. From a practical standpoint that means... You should not be in a set for less than 30-60 seconds. I can't stand when I tell a guy to open a set and he comes back after like 10 seconds like... "Man she wasn't feeling me, or she blew me off"... that's nonsense. Keep plowing... doing a jig. Tell a joke. It will exercise your brain and hopefully get you a second shot. It is NOT okay to open a set for just one ore two words.

This is of course, idiocy... if you are talking to a dude, (at least a stranger one) at least you are putting yourself through the experience of talking to a new person... not to mention, many of the topics and "small talk" nature of your conversation will overlap... now don't chode around and talk to some guy you're smoking a cigarette with for an extended period of time, but in general... it IS cool to open dudes, meet them (possible wingman)... and it can be fun.

Now this is going to be very controversial, but let me be frank man... I am more concerned with YOU guys getting girls and OPENING SETS than if you are drinking, or getting your "deep identity level" change. AS LONG AS YOU ARE OPENING SETS, MEETING PEOPLE, AND ENJOYING YOURSELF... YOU, AT LEAST FOR NOW, ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT. Just be sure to learn the game, understand that it is VERY likely that your state will flunctuate ALOT more; and you may DRINK your way out of some (has happened) BUT... it DOES help you get the BALLS to OPEN A SET... which to me, TRUMPS ALL PUA/INNER GAME THEORY. That's why we're here. So man, if you're out tonight and you're fucked, and you're like... man a drink would help. TAKE THAT SHIT. Just be sure to OPEN A SET immediately after, or during it. That's all you need.

Hope this helps, and I'm sure that last one should get some interesting responses lol. Peace and love
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