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The ability to recognize, utilize, and manipulate social value at as quick a rate as possible is a very important, fucking CRUCIAL ILL DANK NECESSARY part of my game (and I assume the game of many other guys) that I really want to instill you “lads” as you enter into the sarging world. Obviously much is talked about in the context of it, and it’s a word that has taken on a life of it’s own, so much so we don’t even PRAGMATICALLY know how to actually get our hands on it and use it to our advantage. It’s become this big fucking mythical creature that no one who hasn’t been gaming for at least 6 months can even began to quantify or understand. So here’s my attempt to “reveal the matrix” to you. Now I assume you already know what “social value” is in at least theory… i.e. the standard PUA/MM/RSD definition of it, but need some practical examples to illuminate. If you don’t, I suggest going to like or something like that and checking the glossary. So let’s start… as we always should… looking at a model interaction with a girl.


Alright guys, as you already, the minute you step in the venue/club/bar/cafe/whatever… there are VALUE INTERACTIONS GOING ON IMMEDIATELY. In fact, in every interaction, there are very minute, millisecond-long value transactions going on at every fucking intersection. We know this. So when you OPEN A SET… ASSUME:

1) She already has some kind of basic, superficial BUT tangible value evaluation of you… it’s best to assume you’re at 100% value… because you are ultimately 100% value, but even to her, she doesn’t know you… you could be the guy of her dreams. But she does have one. This low-level subconscious “pre-evaluation” if you will comes from a number of things: who she saw you enter with, what you’re wearing, what you look like, do you look like you have money, whatever. But she has done it.

2) You are 100% value the minute you open your mouth, and with each action/glance/escalation you take, you are either ADDING to your value pot (or rather maintaining it at an acceptable level that she won’t blow you out)… or TAKING AWAY from your value pot (known as making a “MISTAKE” lol). With each neg that lands, each shit-test you pass… your VALUE is being raised to a new level in which… and this is the first crucial part of this post… YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MORE SHIT. This is *HUGE*… THE MORE VALUE YOU GET WITH A GIRL (through whatever means)… THE MORE ESCALATION, ISOLATION, SEX, WHATEVER YOU CAN GET. This is the holy fucking grail here, boys. If you can RECOGNIZE how much value you have as QUICKLY as possible… then you will KNOW what to do.

Alright now that we know that this is the case let’s look at a model interaction. I’m fucking this up on the spot based off of a recent interaction, so don’t fault me if it’s not 100% the best example, but hey I hope it will illustrate my point.

Let’s say you open a HB8.5 (pretty fucking cute!) in a bar. You’ve seen her walking around with a mixed set with 2 other girls in it and 1 guy. At the point that you open her, you do NOT know what her relationship/history with the guy is. But who gives a fuck, she’s a cutie, and you want her so you’re going to open her.
Okay, so you open with something playful yet pretty assertive as she’s walking from one side of the bar to the other. She turns to you, opens pretty solidly, and responds with something equally as playful. *STOP*… OKAY IN THAT MILLISECOND YOU MUST KNOW THAT SHE HAS GIVEN A VALUE PASS… YOUR VALUE IS GOOD AS GOLD RIGHT NOW… YOU OPENED, DIDN’T NEED TO INTERRUPT ANYTHING… SHE DIDN’T WALK AWAY. SHE’S BUYING WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. KEEP GOING.

Okay, so she sticks for your opener, and since know that you know you have enough value to keep running game (‘cause she stayed) you use the classic, “Hi my name is…” opener from Tim. USE THIS OPENER ALL THE TIME… you don’t always have to OPEN with it… but within the first 3 lines of conversation… INTRODUCE YOUR FUCKING SELF… it’s a very subtle way of almost FORCING the person to stay/get to know you/try for rapport/give you value… because now you’ve exchanged names. Anyway… you guys introduce and now you’ve passed the social hook point. Value maintained. You look at her for a moment and you run some classic Tim… “Okay so-and-so… we’re gonna go on our first date for the next five minutes… deal?” And you KINO her when you say this… she complies. OKAY *STOP*… AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. IF SHE COMPLIES WITH THIS COMMAND… YOUR VALUE IS MAAASSIVE. YOU MUST MUST BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THIS QUICKLY IN FIELD. RECOGNIZE THE VALUE YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW… SHE COMPLIES WITH 1) YOUR “WE’RE DATING FRAME” 2) YOUR KINO 3) THE SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME YOU’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER AND SHE’S LETTING YOU ESCALATE… AGAIN… RECOGNIZE THE SOCIAL/SEXUAL VALUE SHE’S GIVING YOU. IF YOU CAN’T RECOGNIZE THIS… YOU WILL FALTER AND QUESTION YOURSELF… WHEN IF YOU HAD JUST KNOW WHERE YOUR VALUE WAS AT… YOU’RE GOLD!!!

Okay, so she complies, and you begin trading each other ideas for your first date and what you two are going to do… you begin to claw her a bit (value!) as you describe that you plan to take her on a Burger King extravaganza (credit: Jeffy) to which she laughs hysterically (value!), or that she could take that or you could simply take her in the back of the bar right now and fuck her up the ass (credit: Jeffy again)… to which she… DENIES your claw and gets turned off a bit… OKAY *STOP* THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PLACE WHERE YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THAT YOU LOST VALUE… PERHAPS YOUR TONALITY WAS OFF, OR YOU TRIED FOR SEXUAL ESCALATION TOO QUICKLY… BUT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE IN FIELD THAT THIS IS A GIRL THAT DOES *NOT* LIKE THAT KIND OF ESCALATION. SO YOU’VE LOST A BIT OF VALUE, BUT YOU CAN STILL KEEP GOING… JUST KNOW THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED.

So she’s just denied your claw… you realize you have to do something… so you grab her by the hand, put her up in a “waltz-slow-dance” position, and run the classic, “What did you want to be when you were 7… and don’t say princess!” She laughs a bit, complying with your dancing frame, and says something ballerina or something. You prudently decide NOT to neg her for that because you recently lost a bit of value with the sexual escalation (and often if you HAD run the neg, you might have gotten blown out)… and you tell her you want to tell her what you want to be… but first… “We need to try a little experiment”… she looks a bit confused but is interested, because your ability to role-play with the dancing, take her on your “first date”, and open well have got her interest. You say, “Okay, we’re playing, but FIRST (GRAB her hand assertively but respectfully)… we sit DOWN” and you drag her to a nearby set. Now you are in isolation. THE REASON YOU WERE ABLE TO DO THIS IS BECAUSE YOU ESTABLISHED VALUE VERY RAPIDLY THROUGH SEVERAL MEANS: 1) YOUR WILLINGNESS TO KINO 2) YOUR ABILITY TO ROLE-PLAY 3) YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD 4) YOUR WILLINGNESS TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES (i.e., not continuing on a sexual frame she clearly didn’t like) and lastly 5) YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF WHERE YOUR VALUE WAS. IF YOU HAD TRIED TO ISOLATE HER AFTER RUNNING JUST YOUR INTRODUCTION OPENER… SHE WOULD HAVE GONE BACK TO HER FRIENDS… BUT SHE STAYED!


Like I said, I made most of this up on the spot, and it might come off a bit ADD, but the point is, through this mock interaction to illuminate the sort of general direction of where your mind should be at in every opening to close. You must be able to recognize the amount of value you are having/losing… and quickly make adjustments, call audibles… whatever. This is my first real “article” of this blog, so I will need to tighten it up, but I hope this helps, clears up something for some folks!


– Amorisey, The Young and Invincible
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