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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So today I got "Friend-Zoned", messed up a possible attraction scenario, and saw two pretty decent movies. What's going on, mayne?!? I'm LOSING it...

So I woke up today and knew I wanted to see the new Transformers movie. Also I knew that there was a special reggae night down at a local bar, so I was considering going to that... although it blew because I was trying my best to stay sober as long as possible.

I went to the movie in the first half of the day... and it was quite long and "laborious" to use an SAT word. I enjoyed a bit, but it really didn't "do it" for me, so my day was "meh" at that point. After eating following the movie, I get a text from my boy saying "Do you want to go see The Hangover?" another movie I had heard about and wanted to see. So I complied. However, I had to take the bus in order to get downtown, and it was rush hour... so it blew my state a bit to have to deal with the bus (then again millions do, so whatever, lol).

We get down there, start watching the movie. He informs me that he has a girl coming along who is "just a friend" and that I can game her if I so choose. I don't really like being put on the spot like that, and don't even know if she's cute at the time, so I'm indifferent. She finally shows up right before the flick starts and she IS cute... I won't lie. Maybe an HB7.5/8. However, I ascertain very quickly she has a pretty strong personality and just kind of a little bit "much" for me.

The movie ends and we enjoyed it, although with all of its glorification of drinking and "the party lifestyle", we end up deciding it's time for a drink. We sit down and get into a 3-way rapport, and I pretty much figure out quickly that this girl is looking to get gamed... just the way she's talking and stuff. She's hot to trot... but I'm not really much for it, and never once really try to game her or escalate. Maybe it had to do with my friend, maybe it had to do with her. In fact, what ends up happening is we get into an intense discussion on religion and its benefits or consequences (I'm a vocal atheist, they're on religion's side)... terrible idea. It sucks the rapport right out of the interaction, and in fact makes me seem a bit like a fish out of water.

To make matters worse, while I was in the bathroom, I guess a voicemail from the German HB8 who I ended up pulling a no-Viagra on last week (check the blog), saying she "just wanted to be friends"... no surprise, but FUCK ME?!? What the hell. My "pimp ego persona" go flustered... I... GAMER OF THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF, THE BOY WHO WOULD BE KING... Does NOT get "friends-zoned" anymore... RIGHT?!? 

No. Get over yourself. It happened. And it depressed me.

We eject from the venue, and part ways. I resolved to "save the day" and go to the reggae night... however when I get there... I realize, I HAVE SANDALS ON. They won't let me in. Lol. Great.

I walk over to my buddy's house to spend the night... depressed. Bored. Looks like it's spinning downnnnnnnn, downnnn.... 


Also: If you DLV enough (impotence, lack of money, too much gamer/player nature)... you WILL get ripped. "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE PROCESS" - Stylo

In a bit. 

The King 
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