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.what's up folks!!! Been a long time... been floundering on a plateau in sarging and haven't really been driven to write/post anything of note on RSD. But I'm back again on Friday, ready for a great weekend... with the hopes of f-closing a girl on "The Real World" (they're filming a season here currently)! Haha anyway...

The reason I wrote this post was to hopefully de-bunk for us (and for myself) the notion that it's just as simple as "being yourself" or "being in the moment"... not to discredit these principles because they are useful underlying mentalities for the field but 1) they are vague, esoteric "catch phrases" that really won't change a guy from a "chump to a champ" as Tim would say... AND 2) they are not completely accurate, in my opinion, in really getting you RESULTS. Which, as CX might say, is the only thing that matters.

I came to this conclusion from alot of recent reference experiences, most notably last night (Thursday) when I went to a lounge/club environment with a pickup buddy of mine. We would open sets with varying amounts of energy, usually with him being the one that's like "HEY!! You guys are so funny... what's up??" and stuff like that.. kino escalating, bla bla bla. Me on the other hand, I would be chill, measured, and basically myself. I would be calm, good body language, eye contact, tonality, etc. but basically acting as chill as I would if I was in the living room with my homeboys (which LD actually suggests)... well needless to say, my buddy got much more attention, and after a short introduction, and perhaps me saying one or two observational things about her/the venue/whatever... the girls would look away and show no real interest.

Now it IS true that there could be a variety of reasons for this. Let's explore some of the possibilites (before I start, these are just my thoughts/opinions):

1) GIRLS HAVE CERTAIN EXPECTATIONS/PRE-CONCEIVED NOTIONS ON THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT THEY DESERVE IN A PICKUP...I've found recently that alot of girls have not only a shield and a group common shit-tests, but it varies on the girl depending on her insecurities, how intelligent she is, what kind of club it is, if she's with her friends, etc. With this in mind... if the girl you want has to LOCKED in her brain that she will NOT go home with anyone, NOT give her number out, or whatEVER dumb shit-test reason she's concoted... don't think for a second that simply "being yourself" or not running serious amounts of game (i.e. push/pull, kino, etc.) is gonna change that

2) ALTHOUGH YOUR NATURAL DEMEANOR MIGHT BE SOMEHWAT LAID-BACK/CHILLING WHEN YOU'RE AT HOME... IN A VENUE... YOU MUST BE SLIGHTLY OVEREXCITED. Not in a chode manner, but seriously I don't know how many sets I get blown out on on a daily basis just by my energy level being to low. This is another example of "being in the moment" or "being yourself" ONLY may hurt you. If IN THAT MOMENT you really just feel like being "chill" and "being natural to yourself"... and not following PUA protocol... you will probably get blown out.

3) Lastly, and probably most importantly: YOU NEED SOME BASIC OUTER GAME SKILLS REGARDLESS OF YOUR INNER GAME. This is HUGE. I think alot of Inner Game gurus and guys who have made it past the "threshold" of chodedom forget where they came from... they want to have newbies/AFCs believe it's ALL inner game and that's all that matters. Bullshit. If you were a chode your WHOLE fucking life, grew up with awkward parents, friends, co-workers, etc... You think having 100% confidence alot is going to make you skilled at same night laying chicks at any venue you want, if that's your goal? NO. It may increase the number of women in your life... but you DO need to study some basic tools/routines/concepts of outer game in order to reach that level of success in today's venues.

Wrapping up, basically what I'm saying is (mainly for myself, and for RSD world as well), RESPECT THE GAME and don't use the idea that "I'm just gonna go out tonight, open some sets with 'Hi my name is', say whatever I feel at that second, and if they like it they do, if they don't, oh well" as a CRUTCH. TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY. You're much better off really learning some routines/kinos/techniques and working them to the MAX for a few weeks WHILE always keeping the principles of "being yourself" and "being in the moment" in the BACK of your head... than just going out with some average/pseudo-chode attempts and then simply blaming your lame results on lack of "authenticity" on your OR her parts.


Anyway, I'm very curious about the responses for this... I'm sure in RSD land some of this is quite provocative... I hope it helps some cats!!!

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real talk man, I also found out that a slightly higher energy level is the minimum required...  however on the beach the day after going out.. you can do the ┬┤chilled out pickup┬┤   but good points tho
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You have just helped me remove the obstacle that's been messing me up these past few weeks. You're right, it can't possibly be 100% inner game if we want superman results.

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Thanks guys! And thanks for your readership, guys!!!
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