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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

What's up y'all. I'm sure you guys (my readers, whoever you are) have been wondering what's up with me lately, where are the value-laden posts, etc.

Well, in plain english, I've entered in somewhat of a STR (short-term relationship), exclusive dating scenario, whatever you call it (I guess "GF" for lack of a better term) with an HB7.5 I met. I will admit that this is a bit of "settling" romantically in that I KNOW if I sarged more, went out more, whatever that I could probably get someone a bit more to my liking physically (because she does fulfill alot of things financially, mentally, etc.), but to be frank I have more shit to worry about than girls.

Even within this is contained a lesson for newbies/PUA guys. My life is in a bit of disarray right now... I have started going back to college (only 3 classes though), making music on a daily basis again, etc. and I have noticed that alot of my distressing habits (over-drinking, over-smoking) coincide with my "going out" phase. Now I have an ultimate goal of going out sober, not smoking, etc. and all that good stuff, but I know right now, combined with school obligations, having a girl I like somewhat, and really trying to get my career going that I am not ready to "launch that attack" yet. So I have decided to settle down for a while, focus more on MUSIC and SCHOOL and maybe even a JOB... and GIRLS/PUA come 2nd or 3rd... that's just real talk.

Lastly, I'd like to say that part of the reason I'm comfortable with all of this is precisely BECAUSE I've proven to myself in a year and a half's time that I CAN bring women into my life. No longer really a "chode" or an "AFC", I went from banging 3 chicks in my first 3 years of sexual activity (pre-PUA) to 10 in the year and a half! Again, not saying this to brag... but I feel like that's quite an accomplishment for a guy who was a virgin through high school... and NOT by choice.

I'll still have plenty of value-based posts, ideas, threads, etc. and give advice/blogs whenever I can, but I'm just updating you guys and offering the idea that MAYBE:

It's okay to settle a bit a while because you have "bigger fish to fry"... If you have an opportunity to have a GF, get somewhat consistent sex, still have a "life" and go out... maybe you should take it and focus on your "purpose" for a while... which is INFINITELY more important that chicks. Trust me.

In a bit.

Lord Invincible
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