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...time for you guys to give me some advice... I still go out 3-4 days a week CONSISTENTLY, open sets, try a few different openers, routines, or whatever. There are streaks in which I get tons of interest, play, k-closes, f-closes, attraction, etc. the usual. In general I think that I have stepped out of being a general chode in life (a life journey), now my biggest problem is becoming an actual solid PUA. And I don't need mean this in an ego based thing, I mean it as a guy that is very good at this SKILL-SET... i.e., meeting new women in social gatherings and making a connection... that's what I mean what I say PUA. Anyway,

Lately, most nights I go out and open... I come off WAYYYY too much like a player dude. Like before I've even began running "game", or routines or whatever... it's like the girl is already IODing the shit out of me... of course, in line with good RSD teaching, I keep plowing, but I've usually dug myself a hole. Sometimes I just ask the girl straight out "what's the issue with my game?" or whatever to get some candid feedback, and often it's like, "You come on too strong" or "I get the player vibe" and shit like... now THAT'S OKAY... 'cause it's much better than being "Chode #27", and at least I approached at ALL...


I want to keep bringing new women in my life, actually meeting people, and having FUN with this shit... and if every set I approach assumes I'm simply "another guy hitting on them"... something is up. What do you guys think I could begin doing in my game so the next few times I go out, while still running RSD INSPIRED DIRECT GAME, not that MM indirect chodey shit, and not come on "too strong", so I return to the glory days of k-closes, SNLs, etc. and not simply "a few solid opens but no attraction" or "player vibe blow outs"?
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