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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's up guys. I've decided it's better to just periodically write recaps/journals/articles when I'm compelled to rather than force myself everyday to write something... at least for now, because often at the end of the day, after a night of sarging, my brain is so fried already, I can't really muster up the energy to recap IT ALL.

With that being said, I decided I should talk briefly about my year so far, the mistakes, failures, successes, etc. and in the context of not only myself... you guys and how you can use it yourself to catapult to new heights.

Well, first let's start with some stats: 

6 f-closes, 11 lifetime total. I started off the year with a goal of banging at least ONE new chick EACH month on average... that would be 12 new chicks in the year, or in the month of July as it is currently, 7 new chicks. Now, currently I am one behind that, although I am shocked that I've been able to essentially keep on pace (in May I was at 5, etc.) I think this has a bit to do with the goal being the back of my mind, and also my ability to successfully run good "streaks", meaning I banged like 3 chicks in one month (May), to help keep my numbers up. Now I also go through long periods without much "success", however at the same time I have been able to keep sarging and barrell through it. Very important fellas.

(Roughly) 10-15 k-closes, maybe 30 lifetime total. I'm guessing low here. I never really track/remember how many new k-closes I have because (like many guys), on days like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's day, or July 4th... I'm liable to kiss about 3-5 girls that night and not even know their names, so it's not a big victory to me. Kissing feels great, especially a new girl, and it always makes you BETTER at kissing so that when you do begin kissing a chick you actually LIKE, it improves your chances at actually getting her turned on... so it's a good thing. NOTE: You should always, always, always, go for the kiss if you think you have a shot. Alot of guys wonder, "When should I go for the kiss?" MOTHERFUCKER the *second* you feel the urge to... GO for it. Worst thing that could happen is she says "no", which she does to tons of guys, so she won't give a fuck.

(Roughly) 20-25 number-closes, maybe 35 lifetime total. Again, I'm guess low here... and again, I have no way of verifying this number, because I'll usually just ask for the number within the first 5 minutes of meeting almost ANY chick, even if she's consistently IOD'ing me. Better than nothing. Mind you, I take ALOT of shots with girls, meaning I'll ask for numbers, try to go for the kiss, all types of shit... but my flakeage rate is PRETTY high. You just have to be comfortable with that sort of stuff... now I've probably gotten 15 out of my 25 numbers to flake on me, but hey 6 of 'em banged me, and 10 of 'em made out with me... so hey that's the way it goes right? KEEP TAKING RISKS.

And how many sets have I opened? Oh, fuck if I know... this year so far? Hmmm... if I average maybe 5-7 sets at a week... let's say 6 sets a week, and there's been 7 months (28 weeks...) that's 168... that's a rough estimate, but that makes alot of sense.

With this all being said, so much shit has gone down this year... I've had epic fights, blowoffs, friend-zone's from a number of chicks... some girls have banged me once and never seemed to want to again... other girls have told me I was the "best they ever had" (to quote Drake, lol)... and others have not even given me a shot with their NUMBER.

I say all this not to gloat, or to bring myself up OR down... I say this to say... THIS IS THE FUCKING GAME, GENTLEMEN. This is how it goes for a long time before you find that TRUE inner core dominance. I know I'm not there, but I know that's where I'm headed.

Alot of newbies will be impressed by these numbers, maybe not even believe them... but trust me man, they are NOTHING compared to the sheer amount of sets that I open... if we do the math, if I opened 168 sets this year... and banged SIX of them... that means I only sleep with .035% of the chicks that I approach. That sounds pretty pitiful... however when you look in the sheer context of how many new girls ONE a month is... it doesn't sound bad.

THIS IS MEANS THIS IS HARD FUCKING WORK GENTLEMEN. You're not gonna get the abundance you want with just ONE set a night. You have to be able to muster up a consistent level of self-belief and KEEP going. I still want to hold true to my goal... 12 NEW CHICKS THIS YEAR. The crazy thing is next year... it doubles. I'm going for 2 new girls a month. THIS IS HOW TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS, BABY! Let's get it!

In a bit.

King Young and Invincible
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