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Thursday, August 27th, 2009

What's up y'all. I don't usually do daily journals anymore, mainly because I'm embroiled in like 100 things at once on a daily basis, or at least I FEEL like I am... but I figured right now at 6 a.m. in the morning, bored... not sleepy yet, I'd write a little something on my state and where I'm at.

Now I'm still successfully chugging along with my "1 new f-close a month" average for the year... in the sense I have 7 right now and it's almost the end of the 8th month. I am currently semi-dating a chick I met at a bar on Friday, and slowly but surely working my way into comfort so that I can fuck her, mainly so she can be my number 8. It may sound cold fellas, but oh hell, it probably is. I have goals in this game, and I am going to accomplish them. I feel like I'm doing these chicks are service anyway... getting picked up by a saavy, high value, fun guy like myself is a GOOD thing. If I happen to be tallying how many chicks I fuck in the process, so what.

Now, naturally, my BIG secondary goal would be to bang this Real World D.C. chick that I've been scheming on. I met her on Saturday, and lightweight got opened by her... long story. But I am planning to see her this weekend and "MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN" in a big way. Maybe not fuck her this weekend, but like get to attraction, get her number, get a day 2, etc. I think it can happen. We shall have to see.

In other news, BF girl (as I have so dubbed this chick with a boyfriend that I cold approached on a train and ended up eventually f-closing months later... now we are close friends and possible f-buddies??), anyway- BF girl called me and tells me she wants to hang out on Saturday- she's not doing too much and doesn't have any "suggestion of anything fun to do... but I figured we'd just hang out, be around each, and 'do what we do'". This is almost word for word the way she said it. My question is... does she want to fuck me again? I'm really curious. Mind you that she just went to MOROCCO of all places for a month to live with her boyfriend and do all this shit... before she left I told her "I think I'm falling in love with you" (DRUNKEN CHODE), although she seemed very pleased with that whole thing, and has never once given me the impression she's "lost" interest/attraction despite my chode attraction sheeit... anyway, now she's back... and that we only had sex once then she got all "guilty" and shit. I don't know. Either way, I mean the way she is setting it up as if we are going to fuck. Of course, this is not a question I NEED answered, and I probably shouldn't even sweat it either way (outcome independence), but it IS fun to think about, no lie. So hopefully things will fall into place for Saturday, 'cause other than fucking a Real World chick (NUMERO UNO!)... the only amazing PUA/love life thing that could happen right now is for me to fuck this chick, 'cause I got a bit of feelings for the old bird... whatever.

Either way, tomorrow is Thursday, I have a day 3 with this chick, I will hopefully be seeing ze Real Worlders (chance to spit game), and it's one day away from Friday (YAY!!!) So, all will hopefully be well. I'll shoot you guys a report and some words of Amorisey wisdom tomorrow to send you guys off on a successful weekend!

MUCH LOVE, and remember...


In a bit.

-The Young and Invincible
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 Yeah, it's pretty obvious, she wants to fuck you again, not sure if it's consciously or unconsciously but a large part of her wants to fuck you again, of that there is no doubt.  Though it shouldn't really matter, do you want to fuck her?  If so do your thing.  I usually show them a great time and by the time we get back to my place the clothes fall off. 
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The Jackal

The Jackal

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This girl obviously wants to fuck again. She's wanting to hang out with no plans of any sort other than to be around eachother and do what you do.  She's consciously setting up a time to fuck again.
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Hahaha I damn sure hope you guys are right!!!

Plans for tonight: Go pre-game with Real World homies if possible, then day 3 with HB7.5... hopefully FTW (i.e. f-close). We'll see.

Thanks for the comments fellas and big ups to you guys 'cause I know y'all are consistent readers of the blog!!!
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