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Sup fellas! It's been a while...

ANYWAY, so I've been in NYC (New York City) to sarge this past weekend (I'm from Washington, D.C.) with my best friend, who is into pickup and all that shit and sarges with me, but EVERY night... he opens about 2-3 sets LESS than I do. After a year or so of that, the DIFFERENCES ARE NOTICEABLE. He often can't get past the social hook point, his sets seem dumbfounded by his openers... he experiences alot more approach anxiety, and also runs out of things to say alot quicker. Much like a guy that has worked out one less hour a day than his exercise buddy, he is sluggish.

Now every night we're out, ever since day one I've told him "JUST KEEP GOING, MAN... LOOK AT THAT SET RIGHT THERE, SAY ANYTHING... GIGGLE, CARTWHEEL, WHATEVER", and sometimes he would/does... other times he just fucks it off and stands there and chodes. And no wonder at the end of the weekend, I had 3 number closes and 2 k-closes from 2 seperate girls, and he had... nothing. I doubt he even got into attraction with any girl. I don't say that to gloat... I say that to illustrate a point.

My point is this: LOOK GUYS. ONE OR TWO SETS IN A NIGHT IS NOT ENOUGH. You (usually) have NOT gotten your mind/state/game to the right "FREQUENCY" (as Tim calls it) yet but giving a pitiful couple opener lines to a couple stray sets. Much like a plane needs a certain amount of velocity, runway, and lift in order to actually GET off the GROUND in order to FLY... a guy's game/mind/state/whatever needs a certain amount of FORCE and POWER (cultivated by opening sets with as much belief and focus as you can muster) before it can really be ready to pull off some antics like SNL'ing a chick, or getting the hottest girl in the club into isolation, or whatever. Not saying that it can't happen... but what I'm saying is that OFTEN the biggest problem of my friends (and many newbies) night is that they open like ONE or TWO sets, chode out the rest, and don't even give themselves a FIGHTING CHANCE.
To illustrate:
My play-by-play for the weekend (roughly) was:

Thursday - 9-11PM - Opened about 2 sets in the street, faltered both times in misplaced negs/escalation...
ejected before even asking for number
- 11-12PM - Get into venue, open about 3-4 sets... some better than others but
nothing wild. Number close blond HB7.5
- 1 AM - Meet 6 FOOT 2 (2 Meters for you Euros) Redhead HB8 outside smoking a cigarette...
make out and number close

Friday - 8-9PM - Go to free open bar... open law student HB9 at bar get into interest/attraction,
but completely falter on leading/neg too hard. No success.
-9-10PM - Flirt with bartenders, get state pumped for evening, get in talkative mood
-10-11PM - Go to freestyle cipher in Union Square... I'm a rapper, but I end up choding
'cause those guys were AMAZING! Lol. STATE BLOWN.
-11-12AM - Ignore shitty state, open 3-set of HB8's and above... fail to get to attraction,
but pass the social hook point
-1AM-3AM - After having venue bounced, open SHB9-9.5 in the new venue,
arguably hottest girl in the club... make out/isolation/attraction/#-close

Saturday - Opened about 3 sets, nothing spectacular, and ended up spending the night with my best friend and ex-GF, but still solid all-in-all


POINT IS... if you look at that short synopsis... it usually took me NUMEROUS sets, mistakes, missteps to get to the make-outs... HOWEVER, if you persevere and keep barrelling through, you can usually get a good solid make-out and attraction by the end of the night, if not more (SNL!!!!)

So keep this in mind gentleman... THIS SHIT TAKES TIME. You have to find your rhythm. And don't let me dare here about you opening one set in a night and complaining that you can't seem to get better.

Hope this all helps!


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