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1) Do you open every set, or just whatever set the minute you get in, or do you "selectively choose" who to open?
Well, this is of course a matter of personal preference but, me personally, I probably end up more like the guys you are talking about. I get a couple drinks, read the room, see who is the wild bunch, see where the hotties are and what their demeanor is like, chill with my homies, and open about a 2-3 sets. Don't get this confused with choding though... the difference between me and most guys, and what I want for you guys, is that I actually DO open the fucking sets when I decide I'm going to. I definitely "wait" for opportunities to arise, but if I'm in the venue for more than 20 mins. and have NOT opened a set, or talked to someone... I JUST CAVE IN AND OPEN WHATEVER CHICK/BOUNCER/CHODE/GUY/GIRL I SEE. This is really my point with this whole thread... It's more important to simply MEET NEW PEOPLE than anything else. But yea, I take my time a bit, I don't just do "warm-up sets" and shit really, but if I fuck my first couple sets up (pretty common), I assume it's 'cause I'm "warming up"... if that makes sense...

2) How long do you stay in set?
Again, this is VERY circumstantial, but generally I set the goal with every set I open of simply crossing "the social hook point". That's really my only goal. After that, I could really care less how the set goes, so if the girl strikes me as a bitch, or is trying to blow me out, I'll just leave. Then again, sometimes I just keep plowing to practice that. I run all sets all ways...

You see, for me, I realize that 90% of "the game" is just presenting yourself with more opportunities and reference experiences to meet new women. That's fucking it. If you meet 10-15 new women a week (as I do), things will fall into place... if you have some basic knowledge of like, kino's, IOI's, when to make the "move" for the kiss/fuck, whatever... like I said it WILL happen.

With that being said, I just play each set by ear. I don't normally "stay as LONG as I can"... that would be a waste of time. If the girls are clearly not opening up... I can just open another set and the girls might be cooler. It's precisely BECAUSE I have an abundance mentality that I don't need to "PLOW EVERY SET INTO THE GROUND"... I'd rather just have some good convo with cool people and say that I TRIED with 10 sets, then run 5 shitty/annoying/bitchy sets into the ground on a Friday... then again that's me.

3) Barhopping Logistics
Yes, this is a very strange subject... often, my buddies/crew will not be doing well with SOME sets in a venue and say to bar hop, and I usually (sometimes reluctantly) follow along... missing many GOOD opportunities for the sets at the CURRENT venue. This is just part of the circumstantial nature of the game. Like I said... the game is purely situational... with that being said, it is a GOOD idea in my eyes to venue bounce if you feel like the venue/sets are stale. Don't freak yourself out being like, "NO!! PUA SAYS I SHOULD OPEN EVERY SET 'TIL IT'S DONE!!!" Fuck that... just have fun and be sure to open 2-3 sets every time you go out. It'll come to you.

I usually hit 2-3 venues every night I go out, meh, it's whatever


Lastly, yeah man... it's really about your goals. My personal goal in PUA this year is to have 12 f-closes by the end of year (1 new girl a month on average). Right now it's the 8th month of the year and I'm at 7, so I have like 3 weeks to stay on pace... that's really my only concern... and to open mad sets. Like I said, if you set a manageable goal like that... one set here, two blown sets there, mean NOTHING. I'm just focusing on getting better at the game, meeting new people, and staying to my goal.

K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple, stupid
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 This all sounds great.  It's not as hardcore as some,  I like it though, it sounds like you have fun, push yourself when you need to and otherwise live a fun life. 
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