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This is taken from a response I made in a thread recently... some important concepts to think about, fellas...

1. Biology - A woman's emotional circuitry is fine-tuned to be attracted, seek, and replicate (i.e. FUCK) with guys that represent SURVIVAL VALUE
Now anyone familiar with Mister E's work with know this sounds right out of his playbook, but this CRUCIAL, and it's VERY important to always remember that this is where a vast majority of "the game" and the ability to do things like 1) fuck girls with BFs 2) bang MILFs 3) bang entire CREWS of girls 4) bang chicks in public places and so on a so forth can happen. This is why "assholes" can manipulate women and get away with it. It's because of a biological "misfiring" of sorts... to explain in slightly deeper detail what's happening is the women's emotions are saying "FIND MALE WHO WILL HELP ME SURVIVE"... the prototypical "ASSHOLE" or "player" is a SATURATED version of all these things 1) he is confident 2) he has other women in his life 3) he is independent (i.e., he doesn't give a fuck), and so on. So when a woman cheats on her BF, or whatever... it is because IT IS BIOLOGICALLY ESSENTIAL TO A WOMAN'S SURVIVAL TO CONTINUOUSLY MATE WITH MEN WITH TRAITS SHE OR MORE SPECIFICALLY HER EMOTIONS DICTATE AS POWERFUL, ALPHA, W/E.

2. "The Nice Guy Syndrome" - "Nice" guys get labelled as such not because what they are doing is not objectively NICE... but because they take "nice" actions with an "agenda" behind them... which is ultimately to have SEX or to gain ATTRACTION
Credit to CX for illuminating this for me... basically what this means is that "NICE" guys get labelled as such precisely because he BUYING HER FLOWERS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO FUCK HER. Or, alternatively, he is buying her flowers because he is catching ONE-ITIS, and really doing these nice things not because he actually appreciates that girl, but to fill a "hole" he has within himself, and has begun to go into the state of "mental hypnosis" known as one-itis, and is expressing it as if it was simply a "nice" thing to do. Either way, don't be fooled (because girls NEVER are...) NICE GUYS ALWAYS HAVE AN AGENDA. Very unattractive.

3. Lastly, some advice: JUST DON'T CHODE - Be a "good guy", respectful, cool, humble but don't chode yourself out so that you come off like a "nice guy"
You know, I'm a "nice guy" too at heart... I like people, I want to be respectful to everyone, and just generally "cool about shit"... so the way I've worked it, now that I know the two other concepts I was just talking about it... is that I GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF BEING AN "ASSHOLE/ALPHA" TRAITS AT THE RIGHT MOMENTS, I.E. FOR BUILDING ATTRACTION... AND THEN I PULL BACK INTO MY GOOD GUY, NICE GUY FRAME for the the rest of the time... i.e. when in comfort, or when we're just chilling. This is a difficult thing to get good at, and I'm still working on it... but that's pretty much how a "nice guy" can BYPASS being nice, but also flipping the script so that your girlfriend doesn't get banged by James Dean... And you CANNOT, under any circumstances chode/supplicate/qualify too much... because you already are genuinely a nice guy, you will come off doubly as a if you give the impression of being an asshole/"outlaw biker", and then slip back to chodey faggotry after you've banged her... I've made that mistake, and it NEVER works... you might even lose her friendship if you chode too hard. So it's important to watch that.

Just some ideas to throw in the mix...
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 When I was growing up I noticed a consistent trend.  Many of the popular people at school were jerks.  However the most popular people were always very nice.  Anyone could walk up and talk to them. They were charismatic and while they generally hung out with other popular people certainly including the jerks they never seemed above anyone.  
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Yeah I know what you mean, man! Good look on the response...

I feel like nowadays it's "revenge of the nerds" 'cause I was a fucking CHODE in high school, now I'm banging chicks left and right... while the "cool guys" from high school probably got a girl pregnant and are broke
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