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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Awesome day... well except for the fact I could have my 6th f-close of the year (keeping up with my one-new-girl-a-month goal), but my dick did NOT agree.

So I woke up this morning, feeling pretty justified after asshole BF girl HB.5 made a "concession text" the night before, realizing how fucked up she was to me this weekend. In addition to that, I had gone out the night before (Sunday), and ran a bit of semi-solid game... number closed a cutie (although I doubt anything will come of it)... and in general worked on "moving on".

I knew I had a day 3 planned with this pretty hot German HB8 that I had been seeing... so I was boosted about that (she doesn't really flake or anything), and the weather was alright. In any case, I met up with one of my boys who plays music... and we jammed out HARD for like 2-3 hours... just fucking killing it as a group, and drinking some good beers after. It was a really relaxing feeling to be back in my element, what I love most, even above girls, even above sex (for the most part)... FUCKING MUSIC.

Anyway, before I know, it's time for this date, and I know if I play my cards right... I CAN FUCK THIS GIRL. I even got the go-ahead from an RSD guy after reading the field report, telling me I just have to keep going and keep it slow (although, as we will see... there is such a thing as TOO slow)

Long story short... I pop in a movie... escalate pretty well and begin kissing, but she keeps turning away and trying to have shit go all fucking slow and shit. Clearly my dick is hard and I'm trying to fuck her... but she's all up on this SLOW ass ASD-LMR shit, and although having already tried... maybe 'cause she's European... she isn't very open to being "cavemanned"... so I don't know.

Without putting too much of a point on it... I end up eating her out, getting a handjob, and trying to get inside her TWICE before we establish... I JUST CAN'T GET "IT" UP. My dick had been hard in my pants the whole fucking night while I was... "slowly, but surely" warming her up for sex. And by the time she was ready... my dick had given out for the fucking night. I was so pissed I ever told her so... and she seemed to feel guilty. LOL. Fuck man, I wanted that 6th f-close of the year. I can't believe I'm almost on pace for it!!! Regardless... we agree to do a day 4 on Thursday (today is Monday), and pretty much agree verbally that we will fuck that day. I know that this is NO guarantee in a woman's world (in fact the word "guarantee" doesn't even exist in a woman's head), BUT I think it's pretty solid... she's never really flaked or given me any impression she doesn't want it/follow up on what she says. We'll see.

The ONLY thing from a pickup aspect I learned today, which was a GREAT learning tool... was the art of the LMR-destroyer. I am still dealing with this (it's a bit of a plateau for me/any guy once they get that far along)... but I did well with it. I gave her a massage, the suck on her titties, then the legs, etc. went in... LMR. Then chilled for a minute... began playing a kissing game with her... go in... LMR. Finally just begin having a full fledged conversation about fucking sex and what she likes... all that shit. FINALLY she gets wet enough, takes her clothes off... etc.

With this in mind, I realize... or at least believe, that it's probably a good idea to just get the word "sex" out there as much as possible if you are stuck in how to "sexualize" an interaction. Talk about what you like in sex, as her... all that shit. Just make it "cool" for you guys to talk about it... 'cause otherwise you won't get her fucking wet... which is the point of sex of course... you to be hard and her to be wet.

Anyway... pretty awesome day in general. Let's hope tomorrow is pretty solid... and that I can keep my value at a good level to plow through until Thursday, in the hopes that simply f-close number 6 on the year, my first European, a German HB8... we shall see.

In a bit.

The One Who Couldn't Get It Up Tonight
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