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Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I needed today to return to my passion a bit (music)... and get my game going again. After a TERRIBLE weekend pickup/emotionally... I needed to game Sunday night, and do music... my two loves closes to my heart.

I start by eating Father's day lunch with my stepfather. Goes alright/pretty good (any free meal is a good meal)... but then I end up leaving to go jam with this other band I was potentially trying to rock with. That goes pretty damn well... I get to play with them and rock the FUCK out (they're damn good musicians), and reminds me a bit of what my REAL purpose is here... to do music. I spent most of the day there... still with no response from my EPIC "I-HATE-YOU-GET-OUT-OF-MY-LIFE" text I sent crazy HB8.5 girl with a BF from last night (check Day 6's journal for explanation). That stressed me out a bit. The German HB8 that I've been dating/talking to offered for me to come out with her, however I decline 'cause I get stuck out at the band's house.

By Sunday evening... I was just so demoralized by the fact I had a whole summer weekend to game and didn't come out with one number/day 2/k-close (by now almost a GIVEN on a weekend for me... not bragging, just where I've worked my plateau to), that I decided I MUST GO OUT. Much like many of you guys out there who every day wake up and go out in-field and won't be denied 'til you "get this shit handled"... I won't go down THAT easy. I'll go out AGAIN. On SUNDAY.

And the great thing about D.C. is that there are places to go on Sunday (actually just one but it ROCKS), and you can game. So I drag one of my OLD drinking/partying buddies away from his girlfriend for the night and we go out. Now, I spent most of the night just laughing with him, drinking, talking shit, and watching the dancing/breaking battle that go on at this place that we went to (that's what makes their Sunday nights tight... people dancing out and just showing mad love)... and I open maybe 3-4 sets max. I number close a girl at the end of the night randomly, but it didn't feel solid to me... and I haven't texted her since. So we'll see. But the great thing is... I get...

A "I'M SORRY. IT WAS MY FAULT" text from HB8.5 BF Girl... awesome. I *KNEW* I wasn't tripping when I thought she was being a fucking bitch. So, that boosts my night, and I feel cool. I eventually spend the rest of the fucking day tomorrow (meaning Monday) thinking about what to do/how to handle this chick... in fact, I make a thread about it and get some good advice... but for the time being... it ends the night off good to know that sometimes, as a man, LAYING THE LAW DOWN AND JUST SENDING A GOOD OLD, "FUCK YOU" IS THE WAY TO GO.

In a bit.

STILL Young and Invincible... Amorisey. Holla
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