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Saturday, June 20th, 2009

So, yeah... today was just fucking horrible. A horrible, horrible Saturday. And it sucks, 'cause Saturdays are a holy day in the world of game and youth. No reason for shit to go so bad.

After a Friday night where I drank WAY too much, almost fought one of my high school friends... and didn't get ANYTHING going pickup wise... I thought Saturday would be the day to redeem me... NOT SO.

Now I had planned WELL in advance to meet with BF girl (HB8.5, already f-closed)... so I woke up Saturday expected to make a killing with that, hopefully fuck her again. Gave her a call about 3 PM to set up the meet-up for that night.

SHE STANDS ME UP. Starts by telling me she's going to the movies at that moment (we were supposed to meet at 4 PM)... and that she has a party she's going to, and not going to change her plans for that (even though we had stated even as close as the night before we'd meet that night). So I don't get PISSED... but I voice that I don't think that's cool and she really should stick to the plans we had. She BLOWS up at me... talking all this shit like, "Don't get MAD!! I'm not having an argument with you today... I've known these people I'm hanging with longer than you... and you should have called me Friday afternoon to solidify the plan!! (even though 1) she could have called me if she was deciding to make other plans 2) I texted her Friday NIGHT explicitly asking if we were chilling Saturday night and she sent back an emphatic "YES!"...

Point is, she ripped me for all this shit... and I didn't even get mad. After being so dissed (I haven't been stood up in such a manner maybe... ever. Especially by someone I consider a friend even mildly), I resolved to go the movies (clear my head) and just forget about it by the time the movie ends. WELL... the fucking calls me while I'm IN THE THEATER... 10 mins. from the end of the movie... pretty much DEMANDING that I come outside and talk NOW and resolve shit. Of course, I make a crucial error and believe that if I leave the movie that will win me POINTS and she WON'T rip me a new one again. WRONG

She proceeds to spend the next 15 mins. 1) cussing me out 2) talking over me 3) hanging up on me... etc. etc. I put up with it 'cause I think of her as something more than just another "lay", and almost like a good friend. But this means nothing. She was on like an all-day full blast of hate or some shit, 'cause she laid it on THICK. 

Long story short... she ruins my day... rips me, and I'm just sucked dry. I go out that night... more drinking, hanging out... but make a few key logistical errors (go to a club I should have KNOWN would be sold out... hang out with people I've never met before, find out one of them is UNDER 18 and has a fake... start gaming more CRAZY bitches...) 

Worst logistical error of the night: Actually end up GOING to where I know BF Girl is gonna be at... end up seeing her at like 3 A.M. in the morning outside of the club while she's getting gamed by some rich chode (has money but game is pretty weak)... and with her friends. Anyway, she just (even in person) basically rips me a new one by her unreactivity... makes me come off like a UBER-desperado chode. All good though... I'm drunk so I don't even feel it... and then leave to go game up some other chicks. Too bad that goes sour as well.

End up at some HB7.5's (8 at as far looks, but her personality sucked) house trying to escalate her... nothing happening. Even we start to get into a bit of an argument... and I just leave and go home. Before going to sleep however, I send BF Cusser Out Girl a 5-text long message about how she stood me up was ACTUALLY fucked up... and how she IS an asshole for what she did... especially making me leave my movie. WTF?!? lol. Told her I don't really need people in my life like her... and holla at me if she ever grows up. Fall asleep.

Naturally, she responds to that... but not until tomorrow evening when I'm out at the bar... trying to make some new shit happen. I swear these girls have fucking radar with this shit. They know when you're really done with them... AND when you really want them.
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