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Friday, June 19th, 2009

What's up fellas. Today was Friday. Naturally, despite a commitment to staying clean... I went out. And got hammered. And chain-smoked. Hey, that's me for now... I'm comfortable with it. At least at this moment.

So went out today, with my eyes on a BIG weekend because of Thursday night's hanging and escalating of the HB8 German. She seemed fully pretty into it, and in generally, I ran solid game. 

Somehow or another, I got tagged along with a younger social circle in my area for drinks and a "pre-game party" that bled into another party. Because most of the people were about 18, 19, and 20... they know how to fucking DRINK. I'm talking shots... full handles... the whole bit. Me, being a former heavy weed smoker, cigarette artist, and current full-time evening drinker... I just can't keep up with those fuckers anymore. They drink like it's really nobody's business. I guess at that age I did as well.

Anyway, everything was for the MOST part cool in the beginning of the night... had a number of hot girls (ranging from HB8's-9's) to game, but they all KNOW me and have preconceived notions about me. Had hooked up with maybe 1-2 of their friends... so really running classical "evening approach pickup" (really mainly what I do) was NOT in the cards. Had a subtle line of IOI's from some of the girls (pretty natural if you have a value-wielding job like a musician... which is what I am, currently)... but nothing serious. Got too drunk, and bounced to this other house party.

Now, by the other party, I was almost completely obliterated... so naturally my pickup was faltering. Alot of the people there I knew but didn't like/knew me but didn't like me... so I basically didn't have anything to work with. What little game I have came off as somewhat chode because 1) I was pretty damn drunk 2) It's a fucking SOCIAL CIRCLE. So unless they know me, or know OF me very positively... I pretty much look like a creepy player, or just desperate/qualifying no matter what game I spit. So nothing really popped.

By the end of the night, we were all DESTROYED, and I ended up almost coming to blows with one of my old buddies from high school... had a full-fledged argument and near-fistfight with him, although by the end of the night we were friends again and he drove me home lol. On top of all this, BF Girl (HB8.5 with a BF I slept with and now there are some SERIOUS feelings between us developing between us... PROBLEM) called me about 12 times in the MIDDLE of the fight, and I called her to hang tomorrow (Saturday). I thought she was just clasically late-Friday night choding... however there would seem to be more at hand, as we shall see tomorrow.

So... shitty Friday night. Great. No number closes, no kiss closes, no nothing.
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