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Thursday, June 18th, 2009

2 A.M. journal... again. This seems to be the ritual.

Well, today... Jesus H. Christ... I don't know what the hell happened but I had like a DAY-long girl nimbus or some shit. You ever have those days where it's like, no matter what girl you interact with, you can do NO wrong? It was definitely one of those scenarios. It was fucking nutty.

So the first half of the day was spent doing the normal play guitar for like an hour-hour and a half to myself... consistently getting better and better, understanding the places I can go more and more. Went over to a buddy's house (who I'm considering making a new band with) and jammed some more... so that's a good two hours of playing in. Everything was gravy.

In addition, I read quite a bit of newspaper again and watched some of the news... keeping with all the up-to-date shit of the newsday, feeling "informed" and all that shit.

Anyway... so the day 2 with this German HB8 chick... well, first off, she lives in fucking Mclean, VA... 35 mins. on a GOOD day from my house... and like 45 to an hour if I'm lost. Needless to say, I GET FUCKING LOST. I had spent most of the day TRYING to figure out what to do with her because when I had met her/been chilling with her the last time (I hope I told the background of this chick already, cuz I don't feel like going through that shit now), she was MAD reserved, and I thought I might have to do that slow, day 3-4 style to get her pussy... so I thought maybe not even try to take her back to my house??? Anyway, I told her I'd be there at like 8:30... didn't get there 'til like fucking 9:15... she gets in the car, starts bitching A LITTLE, but I was in a good mood 'cause I just found it hilarious I got so fucking lost in shitty ass Northern Virginia... plus I had just had borderline webcam sex with a HOTTIE the night before, I didn't really give a fuck about the date anyway... either way, I just kept my state up throughout the whole time... we drove around for like a fucking hour (I finally decided to take her back to my area so I could go to my house for a while)...

We go to a little lounge-type spot I have near my house (very clutch)... eat some food, she gets a drink, and she's basically being a little reserved the entire time... like not really opening up, nothing. She isn't exactly RUDE or DEAD, but she's just like... "Meh" the whole time. Plus she isn't a NATIVE English speaker, so little jokes or humor that I say go over her head... I realize quickly I'm not working with a ton here. Anyway, we bounce from that venue, and I take her down the streets of my town (Takoma Park, MD)... which is cool 'cause it's like a quaint little "Notebook"-style town, and at like 11 PM... NO ONE is in the streets... it's like it's our world or some shit. Anyway, I knew that would be alright, but the whole time, I couldn't even get a kiss out of this chick... nothing.

So I convince her to come back to my house for a minute so I could give her "the tour" (CLUTCH CLUTCH CLUTCH) of my crib or whatever... we get there, and I think my parents might be awake watching TV... NOTHING OF THE SORT. The place looks fucking empty. Awesome. Show her around my place (still kind of dead reactions from her), keep plowing, whatever... eventually get her in my room... sit her down. Play a little guitar. Run a little massage routine on her... next thing I know we're comfort kissing. I know once I got her kissing, it's good to go.

Long story short, we start making out, shit is gravy, she's getting turned on but not like 100% I NEED TO FUCK YOU RIGHT NOW turned on (still don't know how to get to that level usually without her having a drink or two... will work on it)... anyway, I basically end up escalating successfully to the point I'm sucking her (very nice) German titties, rubbing her cooch and shit, getting her turned on or whatever... and she tells me, "I need to save something for next time" as I'm about to put my hand down her pants... basically in other words, I will fuck you next time we hang out... which is cool by me 'cause I noticed alot of girls nowadays will NOT SNL or fuck you on the first date... just wait 'til the 2nd time you hang out and let you do what they SHOULD have let you done, and know they WANTED to do the first time. It's like a highly calibrated new version of ASD. Either way, I was happy with that and drove her home.

While I'm driving her home... lo and fucking behold... Webcam hottie from last night called me (didn't call her back... will text or something tomorrow), and BF GIRL starts texting me INSANELY like NON-STOP... "Where are you? What are you up to?" like she could SMELL that I was with a girl... in fact, by the end of it, she's like, "Are you chilling with a lady friend? None of my biz, I know"... to which I ignore and keep her thinking. Anyway, I schedule a date for Saturday with BOTH girls (BF GIRL and GERMAN GIRL)... so that could turn into a REAL problem... BUT, a GREAT night none the less... the girl I'm borderline falling for (BF Girl... LOL Irony) texted me crazy all jealous... AND I sucked some AWESOME German titties (probably D's... if not that VERY full C's)... and plowed through a CRUCIAL bitch shield from this European hottie. Basically have a guaranteed f-close from her with Saturday or another day. Of course I've been in this game long enough to know NOT to count my eggs before they hatch, and I don't really expect ANYTHING out of any woman anymore, but it is nice to day dream about how awesome this fucking weekend could turn out to be.

Another unexpectedly brilliant day. Ahh, the joys of sober existence??? Who knows.

In a bit.

King Invincible
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