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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

2:45 AM and just getting to my journal of the day. I can see now, three days in, how it can be quite a work of dedication to journal everyday and track your progress. It is very easy to get distracted and not focused on what you need to do... and I've been mastering that a bit as of late.

I had the eye appointment today, which I completed successfully... however I did nothing to clean my room. Son of a bitch. Now, it's basically liveable, which is all it needs to be... but I opted to spend much more time on RSD, eating with my mom, and just in general talking on the phone rather than coming home and actually getting it DONE. That needs to change.

I talked a bit on the phone to the "BF girl" as I have so dubbed her (HB8.5 Law student chick I've slept with and been spending alot of time with who I met on the subway and is moving to Morocco for 2 months to live with her BF)... I have feelings for her (and she knows it), and clearly she has feelings for me as well, although they must be surpressed quite a bit given the fact that she has this boyfriend and this life scenario, and in addition she is 5 years my senior (I'm 22, she's 27), well on her way to a double law degree from Georgetown, and a healthy career... and I'm still writing blogs on DHVing properly from my Mom's couch! Ha. BUT... there is something there. We talked, laughed, made jokes and told stories. I could feel myself getting a bit of external validation from her... and in general just feeling the good "vibe" of having a girl that you like INTO you. That's really why we're in this game in the first place anyway... to meet and feel "those" types of vibes, you know. It's an awesome thing, and I am forever grateful to the girls who have given it to me, and I've given it to.

I thought that was basically it as far as my day with gaming (since I have been using the last 3 days to sober up for good, and just figure out some life direction and goals)... I began reading the new NEWSWEEK magazine at the eye appointment, and that got me into a very healthy "inquisitive reading" state... and I began devouring article after article on all manner of foreign policy issues, especially the very current Iran Election controversy, going on today as we speak. After I came home, I began to surf the net a bet, string my guitar, and set up a date for tomorrow with an HB8 German chick that I had been gaming last week. It was funny because this was the chick that ALL the dudes from the local D.C. lair had tried to game and said "she wouldn't open up"... and she COMPLETELY fell into my frame when I gamed her, and hopefully it will be successful... however I do have to drive to fucking Virginia tomorrow to do it, which is just a plain old fucking hassle.

I read a few articles in today's newspaper as well... another personal goal. I think it's important for people to be informed and up-to-date on what's happening in their world, and be able to converse on the many topics of the day. With this in mind, I've always looked up to people (my parents, whoever) who can read the paper on a regular basis, and really get into the current events. I need to step that up... and I began today a bit by reading the paper.

So, I thought, after reading the paper, and taking some NyQuil for my cold that this would be the end of my day, and I would wake up for some true hard date calibration on my Day 2 with this German chick. Very interesting... HOWEVER, right as I was about to sign off, I began chatting with this whistful HB8.5-9 that I had been gaming WAY back in the middle of May through my band... long story with this chick that I'll save for another time, but I thought it was done for... however she is, like many chicks, VERY VERY moody, and can get HORNY and crazy with it sometimes... and apparently this was one of those nights.

Long story short... I end up Skype video chatting this chick 'til like 2-3 a.m. in the morning talking about all manner of random shit... she's screening me the whole time, asking me stupid shit like, "Do you get hit on alot?" or "How many chicks have you slept with?" (clearly a "I'm thinking of having sex with you" question)... all types of shit. I run pretty damn solid game if I do say so myself, and by the end of it, she's showing me her titties on this Skype shit, telling me how wet she is, I'm jerking off in front of the webcam... the whole bit. Eventually at one point when it was getting REAL serious, THE FUCKING NET CUTS OFF and it says the "server is down" or some shit... I was like, "well I certainly did get SERVED" (heh heh... get it)... but anyway, yeah that fucked me over on full blown cyber sex but hey that was my first video chat EVER with ANYONE... and I saw a nice pair of titties from a fucking hottie! Not a bad night spent while on Sober House Arrest.

Lastly, while I was vid-chatting that chick... "BF girl" was eating my texts up like SHE KNEW I was with another girl or some shit. We made a plan to hang this weekend. That's doubly awesome 'cause I actually REALLY care and have feelings for this girl... then again that's running a HUGE risk of getting my fucking head fucked up again by her/a girl... words of the wise, gentlemen... FEEL FREE TO HANG WITH A CHICK YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR, JUST BE PREPARED FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF AT THE END YOU/HER/EVERYONE GETTING FUCKING HURT. I know it. I've lived it.

Tomorrow I need to actually accomplish some real life fucking shit. Today was good for the eye exam, reading the paper, setting up the date, and running solid game to get some legit cyber titty... but I WANT MORE!!! 

Hopefully all is well with you guys... PEACE AND LOVE!


In a bit.

-The Young That Can't Be Touched
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